All residents of Katimavik-Hazeldean are encouraged to become members of the KHCA. We are YOUR community association. Members can vote on resolutions brought forward to better our community. Join your neighbours and make a difference!

Kanata Community Festival / Walter Baker Park (beside the Kanata Recreation Complex) / July 26th!

Kanata Community Festival / Walter Baker Park (beside the Kanata Recreation Complex)  /  July 26th!
3 PM - Dusk. Free Admission. 19 Neighbourhood organizations with displays, 3 Kanata community associations, clown, free henna painting, first 100 people free slice of Willy's pizza, free freezies, free waters and more. Medieval and other entertainment. Kid Stuff. At 7 PM Romeo and Juliet performed! Bring a lawn chair or a blanket.

Happy Canada Day Katimavik-Hazeldean!

Happy Canada Day Katimavik-Hazeldean!
The KHCA and the 4th Kanata Scouts combined to give out freezies and blow bubbles! Lots of laughs! Left to right; Steve Anderson (KHCA), Jeff Jobb (4th Kanata Scouts), Harjit Hothi (KHCA), Sue Jones (KHCA). Thanks to all who bid in our silent auction of local goods and services, and those who just stopped by to say hello.

Another Successful Park Cleanup Season!

Another Successful Park Cleanup Season!
Thank you to Rod MacLean (right) and Harjit Hothi (centre) for their tireless work leading our clean up of all the Katimavik-Hazeldean Parks this Spring! Their quiet community service is making a difference. Thank you to all the others who helped out as well. Remember that if you throw garbage on the ground, chances are these nice gentlemen are bending over and picking it up! Use the trash cans please.

Current Issues


LARSEN LINEAR PARK                                                                   Status: Ongoing

Larsen Linear Park is the name of the forested corridor that runs between Kakulu Road (past the entrance to Barrow Crescent) in a straight line down to Eagleson Road. The paved pathway section currently curves to meet Inuvik Crescent, instead of continuing between the Shell gas station and Roger St. Denis school through to Eagleson Road. The pathway was never finished when the area was built up, and people have generally been cutting through the Shell gas station to access the paved pathway. Why was the pathway never finished thirty years ago? Nobody remembers. So we submitted a freedom of information request to the City last year to better search the history. It did not find a record of why the pathway was never finished. However, we have recently heard that the pathway was where Timm Road used to go, before Kanata was built. 

This past summer two community volunteers have been cutting the grass from the bend in the existing paved pathway over to Eagleson Road, to encourage people to use this new pathway extension. They have also removed significant deadwood and debris that was blocking the use of this unpaved corridor. Coincidentally, this summer the City came in and cut down a number of diseased trees in that area, and subsequently planted new tree seedlings alongside this section of the corridor. The KHCA thinks it is time for the City to finish this long-forgotten "missing link". This way, the plowed pathway can extend out to Eagleson Road and people would not have to trespass across Shell property and would not have to climb over the mounds of snow that are pushed up in that corner. We are also concerned that Shell could install a fence at any time and this would make the significant pedestrian and bicycle traffic over to the existing paved pathway impossible. A paved pathway right out to Eagleson would mean bicycles could travel out to Eagleson without having to go way down to the end of Inuvik and doubling back along Katimavik (there is a shortcut through the forest at the start of Katimavik Road, but you aren't allowed to ride bicycles down that path and over the creek footbridge). We don't believe that paving the rest of the distance out to Eagleson Road would increase foot traffic very much - it would just mean that about the same number of people would now be able to use City property for their entire trip instead of cutting through Shell property. Last summer, Steve Anderson circulated a letter to the six houses on Inuvik Cresent most likely to be affected by the pathway extension. He received one request back for more information, and one positive feedback comment. Nobody objected. The City is currently considering our request. Councillor Allan Hubley confirms that it is being reviewed by the City. Update May 2018:  the review has been completed by the Planning department, and now it is a matter of finding the funding and scheduling the construction work.

Keep it going... right through to Eagleson Road!

Thirty years of residents walking over an icy and muddy dirt path, and then through the Shell station... why, when there is a clear corridor available for a paved path out to Eagleson? 


BACHMAN TERRACE                                                            Status:  Ongoing

"Bachman Terrace" is the quick name the KHCA uses to describe the long-term debacle concerning the development of the pieces of property at 19 and 23 Bachman Terrace, directly behind the Dairy Queen near the corner of Eagleson and Hazeldean Roads.  The single-family house that has sat on these large corner lots has fallen into disrepair and needs to be torn down.  However, the company that bought the lot decided it wanted to replace that one house with 25 townhomes.  This was later reduced to 18 units. 

With over 100 local residents opposed to this plan and having signed a petition, and with our City Councillor Allan Hubley also opposed to this plan, it should not be surprising that the KHCA also has serious concerns about the very intensive use of this property.  It simply makes no sense in terms of parking, with many cars and trailers being parked on that short stretch of curving road already each night.  Residents also have concerns about fire safety and noise.  It seems like the only people who are dictating this degree of intensive housing live outside our neighbourhood, and the motivation of the developer is purely profit with no regard for the problems created for the existing residents (or future residents).  Unfortunately, the Ontario Municipal Board had sided with the developer, but the Ontario government is now examining the role and mandate of the OMB with an eye to making possible changes.  Update November 2018:  It looks like there is a new owner and the old buildings have been removed.  We can only hope that those who have bought the land will develop it responsibly.  


OLD CITY OF KANATA SIGN AND GARDEN                             Status:  Ongoing

The KHCA has sought to have the sign refurbished and made functional again, while respecting the heritage value of the City of Kanata portion.  The sign and the garden that was underneath it has been neglected for many years.  We have been advised that the City is studying the situation and hopes to make improvements.


Installation of a Bench and Garbage Can                                       Status:  Ongoing

The KHCA has requested that a park bench and garbage can be installed on the wedge of land at the base of the footbridge over the Queensway.

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Katimakids! Wow!

Katimakids!  Wow!
Another very successful year of Katimakids is wrapping up shortly. Thanks to 100 kids and their parents who actively participated.

The Katimavik-Hazeldean Area

The Katimavik-Hazeldean Area