All residents of Katimavik-Hazeldean are encouraged to become members of the KHCA. We are YOUR community association. Members can vote on resolutions brought forward to better our community. Join your neighbours and make a difference!

Past Meetings


Katimavik Hazeldean Community Association
Keeping Neighbourliness Easy

Minutes of General Membership Meeting - held November 6, 2017

100 Charlie Rogers Place/Walter Baker Park



Present: Steve Anderson, Susan Jones, Mary McCarter, Scott McCarter
Marie Louise McDonald, Andrew McDonald, Rod MacLean, Kul Kapoor, Harjit Hothi, Tom Lowrey,
Regrets: Mara Zarins

Prior to the official start of the meeting, residents new to the Community Association joined and received membership cards. Everyone agreed to wait for the arrival of our Councillor for Ward 23, Kanata South, Allan Hubley, before honouring the outgoing President Rod MacLean.


Agenda Item Discussion Action
Agenda M/S/C by T. Lowrey and K. Kapoor that the agenda be passed as amended. Requested addition of FCA March 21 meeting
Minutes of Sep 11,2017 General Mtg M/S/C by H. Hothi and R. MacLean that the minutes be accepted as presented
Treasurer’s report H. Hothi reported that we have over $2,000 in our bank account.
Presidents Report Steve Anderson talked about how the Community Association is evolving and reviewing things like our WEB presence (Facebook, twitter, blog), how we will have written financial reports a few times per year, and continue to focus on the interests of the membership. Steve, on behalf of the KHCA, applied for a $3,000 grant from the City to honour our community.
Follow-up on grant, review WEB presence
Agenda Item Discussion Action
Bylaw Changes Everyone received a copy of our existing bylaws. S. Anderson distributed a list of proposed bylaw amendments for future consideration. Place bylaw review on agenda for next meeting.
Upcoming Events Nov 11 - Remembrance Day - M/S/C by S. Jones and H. Hothi that we spend up to $50 to lay a wreath
Nov 19 - Santa Parade - M/S/C by H. Hothi and T. Lowrey that we spend funds and march in the parade.
Need confirmation as to who will lay the wreath.
Need confirmation as to who will march in the Parade and carry the banner
Honouring Rod MacLean Councillor Allan Hubley thanked Rod MacLean for his service as President of KHCA, and presented him with a plaque. S. Anderson brought cake and juice drinks for the event, which were served after the meeting. Pictures were taken and will appear on our FB site.
Q and A with Councillor After the official presentation to R. MacLean, Councillor Hubley agreed to take question. The following topics were addressed:
Sidewalk North meeting
City Budget; being tabled Wed Nov 8, final vote Dec 2017
Broken sidewalk in Katimivik
Hydro One consultation with residents who have homes close to hydro lines
Dec 5 and 6 - Wagon rides from Holy Redeemer and Castlefrank schools
Lighten the Night - is an activity the KHCA where volunteers drive around the neighborhood, take picture of Seasonal decorations, then award prizes.
Hydro One South Kanata consultation scheduled for 2018
10-minute rides from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Volunteers needed to take pictures, need to confirm driver
Upcoming Events - con’t Jul 1 - Canada Day/200th Anniversary of Hazeldean - S. Anderson proposed KHCA obtain a booth during the Canada Day events in 2018 to promote the Community Association, sign up members and perhaps have a cake.
More discussion will take place in December
Agenda Item Discussion Action
Upcoming Events Con’t FCA Mar 21 - a meeting of the Federation of Community Associations will take place. Kul Kapoor represents KHCA at these meetings. Councillor Hubley provided some background about the Federation to those present, as did K. Kapoor. M/S/C by K. Kapoor and S. Jones that KHCA spend up to $50 for the rental of a hall for this meeting
Other Business A suggestion was made that KHCA be promoted by way of an article in Metroland. T. Lowrey provided a number of advocacy-type examples of activities the KHCA undertook in the past. Follow-up at next meeting
Adjourn The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.. Cake was served and R. MacLean was congratulated by the new executive and presented with a card and lifetime KHCA membership. Lifetime membership to be discussed further as part of bylaw changes.

The Katimavik-Hazeldean Area

The Katimavik-Hazeldean Area