We encourage feedback on any and all issues of concern to residents. Please join us at our monthly meetings to discuss issues or send an email to President@khca.on.ca. We look forward to hearing your views!


                        Katmavik Hazeldean Community Association
Next General Meeting at 7:30 pm 
                          on May 1, 2017
                                                             at  100 Charles Rogers Place  
                                                             in Kanata's Walter Baker Park
New Item: May9 Posting Page
ALERT: Frost Advisory

            May 3 Postings Page
Cycling in the City 2017
ALERT: Rainfall Warning
             May 1 Postings Page
 Public Health May/June 2017 e-bulletin

             April 30 Postings Page
Mayor's May Newsletter
Notes on Breakins into Sheds & Garages

            April 27 Postings Page 
Safety Tips
DiscoverRec May Newsletter
Purge Your Home for Safer & More Organized
Preliminary Agenda for May 1st Meeting 
           April 28 Postings PageApril 25 Posting Page
June Workshop on Mental Health Work Place
Seniors Page: May Highlights Kanata Seniors Centre

            April 22 Postings Page
Drivers! Leave The Phone Alone
What You Can Do For Your Child
Protect Yourself from Fraud
Item on Postings and Seniors Pages
Preventing Loneliness
            April 12 Postings Page 
Planning & Development April E-newsletter

            April 4 Postings Page
 OPS New App for Android and iOS users
             March 29 Postings Page
DiscoverRec Newsletter April, 2017
Mayor Watson's April, 2017 Newsletter
            March 25 Posting Page
Transportation Master Plan FCA Workshop  April 8
Hydro Ottawa Community Forum April 25     
            March 21 Posting PageMMMMMMMarch 21arch gge
E-Bulletin on Opioids and Overdose in Ottawa
Wildlife Speaker: Michael Runtz,on April 6, 2017
          March 20 Postings Page
OC  Teanspo EquiPass Application Steps
On Postings & Seniors Pages
April Highlights at Kanata Seniors Centre
         March 18 Postings Page  
History Kanata South Project
Prevent Bullying
Thinking of Policing Career
Dood to Door Sales Pitch
LRT into Kanata E. A. Open Houses
Youth Sexual Health Clinics

Orienteering Ottawa Kids Age and Fees Added April 5

        March 8 Postings Page
Planning and Development March 7 Newsletter
        March 1  Posting Page

Comimg Up at the Hazeldean Mall
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Small Industry into Commercial Zones January 31st      
          December 2 Postigs Page  
160 Hearst Way Four Storey Hotel  

Catch Basins Year Around

             November16 Postings Page
Overnight Parking Rules 2016-17 

        November 13 Postings Page
Future of Food Labeling 
Allstate Winter Tips
       September 28 Posting Page
Sponsor's Directory
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 Mississippi Valley Conservation Newsletter
      September 7 Posting Page
Securing Your Home
What is  Neighbourhhod Watch
Starting a Neighbourhood Watch
        August Postings Page

Questions Condo Owners Should Ask Themselves
      June 29 Postings Page

Responsible Dog Owners - The Why's
{{ May 20th Responsible Dog Owners - the What's}}
Saving Energy In The Summer
        June 18  Postings Page

Pedestrian Crossovers 
       JUNE 2  Posting Page
Sharing the Road

      May 20 Postings
Responsible Dog Owners - The What's

Avoiding Fake Collisions  
      April 26   "Posting" Page

  Blasting on Katimavik Road Beginning May 23

       March 27  ``Posting`` page
Sir Robert Peels Principles of Policing

           March 19   "Posting" page: 
on Contending with Power Outages