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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Public Consultations on Driveway Snow Plough Markers


The City is formalizing current guidelines for snow plow driveway markers and is seeking feedback. 

Markers used by private snow plow contractors to identify their customers’ driveways are prohibited by various Ottawa by-laws.  However, a pilot program has been in place during recent winters to allow them on a trial basis, subject to specific guidelines. 

The guidelines (detailed below) are primarily intended to standardize the use, locations and appearance of these markers, protect residents and the City’s snow clearing and removal equipment from unsafe installations, and minimize disruptions to neighbourhoods.  They are communicated to snow plow contractors when they apply for or renew their annual business licenses.

Current Guidelines 

Earliest marker installation date
October 20
Latest date markers to be removed
April 30
Prohibited location
Not on an outer boulevard
(area between a sidewalk and the travelled portion of the street)
Permitted location on property
(where there is a sidewalk)
Minimum 0.61 m (2 feet) from sidewalk
Permitted location on property
(where there is no sidewalk)
Minimum 1.22 metres (4 feet) from the travelled portion of the street 
Maximum height of marker
1.22 metres (4 feet), measured from the ground
Maximum width of marker
10.1 centimetres (4 inches)
Permitted material of marker
Wood, plastic, or fiberglass – cannot be supported by metal bars
Maximum number of markers
2 (one on either side of the driveway)
Permitted information on marker
Company logo and telephone number only – no advertising or other information

There has been a high rate of compliance with the existing guidelines, and relatively few complaints, during the pilot program. 
Most complaints have related to non-compliance with the guidelines (too early installation, too close to the street, metal markers, etc.). 
At the same time, company information displayed on markers has been useful in identifying contractors illegally dumping snow on City streets/sidewalks. 


The City is now looking to formalize the rules for snow plow driveway markers and is seeking feedback.

Your comments on the current guidelines should be sent by e-mail to 
Leslie Charles at leslie.charles@ottawa.ca

Or you can complete an online survey to let us know what you think.

The deadline for comments is July 20, 2017.