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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Identify Crime In Yoiur Neighbourhood - Drug Trafficing

Drug trafficking

Signs that a house in your area is making or dealing drugs:
  • Windows covered up, condensation on glass, neglected lawns and gardens
  • Bright lights escaping covered windows, basement lights on all day
  • Suspicious vehicles arriving and departing during the night
  • Odd smells coming from the house
  • Enhanced security, including video cameras and bars on windows
  • Improved vents on the roof, windows or other spots
  • Snow melting on or near the house in the winter
  • Occupants always enter through the garage to hide their identity
  • Garbage containing soil, pots, fertilizer, PVC pipes, chemical containers, and wiring
  • Lots of people coming and going at all hours and only staying for a short time
Signs of street-level drug dealing:
  • Vehicles parked together in odd places and/or times
  • Vehicles idling in empty parking lots for an extended period of time
  • People coming to the house at all times or loitering in the area
  • People meeting up on the street for very short periods of time
If you suspect that drug activity is taking place around your neighbourhood, call the non-emergency phone number at: 613-236-1222