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Saturday, March 18, 2017

History of Kanata South Project

Councilor Hubley's 2017 Project is to invite residents to join in documenting the people, places, and activities that have made and that continue to make Kanata South a great place to live in.

Residents are encouraged to send to our Councilor at Allan Hubley  your ideas on what should be highlighted in the Kanata South story.

   1. Whom would you want to see highlighted and why?  Who makes Kanata South special?  Is it a teacher, a coach, a business person, a community leader?

   2. What is your favorite part of Kanata South?   Is it a place, a park, a business, a special place to eat, a favorite place to go to? .

   3. Do you have a favorite memory from Kanata South?  Is it a grand opening, memory of a special event, a community event?
Remember to include your name and address

For more information, you may visit the project note at: Allan Hubley