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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Community Saftey Note

Crime prevention is everybody’s responsibility

A Neighbourhood Watch program gives you permission to talk to your neighbours about keeping you, your neighbours and your community safe.

A Neighbourhood Watch program teaches you how • to increase community communication and knowledge • to reduce preventable crime • to encourage reporting of criminal or suspicious activity • to improve the quality of information passed on to police • to improve the level of home security • to improve personal safety • to encourage property marking to help reduce the fear of crime particularly for the elderly in your local community.

From Neighbourhood Watch Website at:  https://onwec.com  

Should you be interested in Neighbourhood Watch, please contact Mr. Vic McNabney by phone at: 613-236-1222 ext 2001     Or by email at: vicopow@yahoo.ca

Major Determinants of Community Safety

“There are two major determinants of our local safety. One is how many neighbours we know by name. The other is how often we are present and associated in public – outside our houses. Police activity is a minor protection compared to these two community actions.”

– John McKnight and Peter Block in The Abundant Community

For more information on The Abundant Community, you may visit:    http://www.abundantcommunity.com