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Saturday, December 3, 2016


Zoning study: Small-scale 

Industrial uses in 

Commercial Zones

Draft zoning provisions will be available for review and 
comment in December 2016.

Please visit:


Amendments to the Zoning By-law are being considered
to permit small-scale, low-impact industrial uses, including
micro-breweries, micro distilleries and small-scale food
processing associated with restaurants.

The Study will also  consider opportunities to permit
small-scale manufacturing such as maker spaces, a location
where tools and other resources are shared to produce
prototypes and manufacture small batches of product.

The amendments would permit land uses that combine
retail store, retail food store, catering establishment,
restaurant or bar with small-scale forms of
low-impact industrial uses.

Project Objectives
The study will focus on commercial zones where restaurants,
bars and retail uses are already permitted.

The proposed amendments would:
*Define and permit low impact, small-scale industrial activities 
*Allow small-batch manufacturing as a non-accessory 
component of a business
*Provide new opportunities for small business 
*Contribute to the development of vibrant commercial streets