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Friday, December 2, 2016

Preliminary Agenda Dec 5, 2016

Please consider this email to be your invitation to the Monday,  December 5 meeting of the Katimavik Hazeldean Community Association

The meeting will be held at the Kanata Recreation Complex at 100 Charlie Rogers Place in Kanata’s Walter Baker Park and will 

Below  is the Preliminary Agenda  for December 5,

Also please visit the KHCA website for more information on major agenda topics.

Best regard
Rod MacLean



  Katimavik Hazeldean Community Association
Keeping Neighbourliness Easy
December 5, 2016   --   General Meeting
Preliminary Agenda
1.       Adoption of the Agenda
2.       Adoption of the November 7, 2016 KHCA Draft Meeting  
3.       President Lighten the Night Tour week of Dec 19 & Young’s Pond Carnival  Feb. 2017
4.       Treasurer’s Report
5.       Secretary review of Action Items Appendix
6.       Comments to the City:
i)                    160 Hearst Way --- Best Western name and style -  Dec 6 goal
ii)                   26 Lombardo Drive = Almost 179 foot high Lombardo Mast  --  Decembe14 Open House
iii)                 Patio Requirements Revisited by City - Comments by December 16, 2016
iv)                 R4 Zoning Review  - Comments by December 16, 2016
v)                  OMB Review  second Questions answers Submission by  Dec 19, 2016
vi)                 Small Industrial Uses in Commercial Zones December 22 Noon
7.      New Business
8.      Round Table
9.       Adjournment    Next Meeting:   Monday, February  6,  2017