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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Workplace Health & Safety Videos

Psychological Health and
Safety in the Workplace
Videos Are Here!

Ottawa Public Health is thrilled to share the have
THAT talk Psychological Health and Safety in the
Workplace video series!  The videos are a result of
a collaboration between Ottawa Public Health and
the Mental Health Commission of Canada.  The
content was adapted with permission from
Mindful Employer Canada.
The whiteboard animation videos on the 13 factors in the
will be a helpful resource for all workplaces in Ottawa.
The following psycho-social factors contribute to a
mentally healthy workplace: 

·            Organizational culture
·        Psychological and social support
·        Clear leadership and expectations
·        Civility and respect
·        Psychological demands
·        Growth and development
·        Recognition and reward
·        Involvement and influence
·        Workload management
·        Engagement
·        Balance
·        Psychological protection
·        Protection and physical safety 

Head over to haveTHATtalk.ca and check them out! 
Let’s keep the conversation going about mental
health.  Each of the videos has a facilitator’s guide
to help get the conversation started.  There are
many uses for the videos in workplaces, including
some of these suggestions:
 view a video in a team meeting and talk about it with colleagues
 use it as part of the orientation training for new employees
 use as an awareness tool for managers and supervisors  

With the help of Workplace Safety and Prevention
Services, the videos went through extensive focus t
esting in many different workplace sectors.  One focus
group participant commented that; “the videos are light
an easy to watch format.   I really enjoy these videos
and am very happy that they are being created.   I
believe they will be a valuable resource to bring the
conversation about psychological health and safety into
 the workplace.”

We all have a role to play to make sure our workplace
is mentally healthy and safe.  If you have any questions
or would like to know more about workplace psychological
ealth and safety, contact the Workplace Health Line
at 613-580-6744 ext 24197 or email