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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Workplace Health from Ottawa Public Health Sept-Oct, 2016

             Fall can be a busy time.  

   Let us help with ways to stay healthy!

How to Keep Mental Health On the Agenda

In this issue we will be highlighting a tool to get everyone in your workplace talking about mental health.  On the Agenda is a great tool that can be used to explain the 13 factors found in the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.  These factors help make a mentally safe and healthy workplace.  Also, be sure to stay tuned for an exciting new resource that will be released by Ottawa Public Health in October!

A Year of safeTALK

World Suicide Prevention Day is September 10.  Ottawa Public Health wants to recognize this day by keeping the conversation going.  Let’s keep doing some safeTALKing about suicide prevention!

October is Healthy Workplace Month!

Healthy Workplace month is almost here!  What are you planning in your workplace? We want to hear about it! Find out how Ottawa Public Health can help!

What’s One Way to Help with That Hectic Fall Schedule?  Plan Your Lunches Ahead of Time!

September can be a busy time.  Many workplaces have busier schedules after a quieter summer time.  A lot of people find this time challenging.  People with kids are juggling busy work schedules and back to school planning.  One simple way to help with this time is to plan your lunches ahead of time!  Check out this article for some tips for easy lunches.

Get Ready for Flu Season

Like it or not, flu season is on its way.  Check out this article to find out how to keep yourself and your staff healthy! 

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