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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What is Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch (NW) is an association of residents of a 
community, who are bonded together with the objective of 
reducing or preventing crime.  The program works within a 
defined geographical area and in partnership with the Ottawa 
Police Service through the local Community Police Centre.

It is a “community driven” program aimed at discouraging and 
preventing crime at the local level. The success of the program is 
dependent on a commitment to cooperate between area residents,
 the Police and the residents themselves.

Key elements are:
          Making your home a less inviting target for criminal activity
          Recognizing and reporting suspicious activity in the 
Working together with your neighbours and the Police 
to prevent and discourage crime.
Main Goals are:
Promoting crime prevention awareness and activities.
Establishing and maintaining effective avenues of 
ommunication between Watch coordinators, Watch 
members and the Police.
Providing a forum for coordinators and the Ottawa Police 
to present and discuss current criminal and crime 
prevention activities.

The Kanata & Stittsville Community Police Centre (CPC) 
wants to help you and your neighbours maintain 
an active NW on your street, and in your area. .   
If you would like additional information on “how we c
an help you”, please contact either of the individuals listed below .

“Safer homes mean Safer Neighbourhoods which 
mean Safer Communities”

Your Community Police Officer:               Your Neighbourhood Watch Program Coordinator:
Cst. Phong Le                                          Victor McNabney
613-236-1222 Ext. 2005                         613-236-1222 Ext 2001
Email: lep@ottawapolice.ca          Email: vicopsnw@yahoo.ca