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Wednesday, September 7, 2016


In the hustle and bustle of everyday life it is easy to
forget about home security. However, it is important to
remember that your home is a prime target for thieves
looking for valuables they know will be in your home,
especially when you are not.

There are a number of simple, yet 
effective, ways that you can keep 
your home safe and secure all year


Your first line of defence in home security is installing
an alarm system and displaying the alarm company’s
decal in a visible location. A home alarm can be an
effective deterrent for thieves looking for an easy target.
Equip your entry doors with deadbolts and install
outdoor motion-sensor lights. Trim shrubbery to
eliminate hiding places for unwanted visitors.


An occupied home is a less attractive 
target than a vacant one. Any steps 
you can take to make your home
appear occupied when you are away 
can help lessen the likelihood of a 
break-in.   Install timers to internal and 
external lights, and set TVs and radios 
to turn on and off in your absence. Stop
mail service and ask a neighbour to 
take care of your garbage.


Playing an active role in reducing false alarms will help
ensure response personnel will be available when true
emergencies arise.
Ensure your alarm monitoring station’s “call list” is
always updated. This includes adding the phone
numbers of any caretakers who will be watching your
home while you are away. Give your caretaker your
alarm passcode and monitoring station’s phone number
so they can notify personnel of accidental false alarms.

Submitted by the Canadian Security Association (CANASA)