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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Starting a Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is one of the core prevention programs offered by the Ottawa Police Service through the Kanata & Stittsville Community Police Centre.  To build a successful Watch, your neighbours have to be willing to become part of the Watch. Therefore:

Step 1           DISCUSS the merits of Neighbourhood Watch amongst some key neighbours, DECIDE if you want to move forward to establish a Watch and ENLIST their support to assist with the door-to-door canvassing of your neighbourhood. 

Step 2           GET IN TOUCH with the Kanata & Stittsville Community Police Centre (CPC)  by contacting the volunteer coordinator directly, Victor McNabney @ 236-1222 ext. 2001,
                     (or:  vicopsnw@yahoo.ca) to arrange for an information session for your canvassers. The session will give details on setting up the Watch, the responsibilities of the administrators of the Watch as well as providing material useful in the door-to-door canvass.

Step 3           CANVASS the complete area of the potential Watch, recruiting and registering members for your Watch. RETURN completed Registration forms to the CPC, who will in turn compile the initial Watch membership lists.

Step 4           HOLD A PUBLIC MEETING with all potential Watch members and the Community Police Officer (CPCO) to outline the NW program in detail and explain other crime prevention programs offered by the Ottawa Police Service. Use this occasion to also finalize your watch membership registration. The CPC will assist in these activities.

Step 5           PROVIDE THE CPC with a final list of all the watch members as well as the watch Block Captains and Coordinator, name, address, phone number and e-mail address if available. . A participation rate of over 50% is required for an effective watch.  However, if a sign up rate of 50% is not attainable in your neighbourhood, you can still be a member of Neighbourhood Watch; the effectiveness will simply be less significant.
Step 6           OBTAIN SIGNAGE, the Community Police Officer (CPCO) and the Watch Coordinator will decide on the most effective location for signage in the area.  50% + 1 membership is required for signage approval. The ideal area covered by a Watch is one with a limited number of entrances, so that signs can be placed to designate that it is a Neighbourhood Watch (NW) Area