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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

DiscoverRec August 2016

**Fall and Winter Registration: DON'T MISS IT!**

**Register for Swimming and Aquafitness Programs**

**Starting Monday, August 8 at 9 pm*** Online

* Telephone: 613-580-2588

Starting Tuesday, August 9, in person during regular business hours  

**Register for all other Recreation Programs **

Starting Wednesday, August 10 at 9 pm * Online

* Telephone: 613-580-2588

Starting Thursday, August 11 in person during regular business hours.

What you need to know for registration.

**Recreation eGuide online! Discover new classes across the city!**

Find the Recreation eGuide and Mon Cyberguide for Fall and Winter online
now. With a variety of programs for the young and the young at heart,
you're sure to find something that will keep you active and inspired! 
Discover new classes and activities browsing through the Recreation
Barcode links make online registration easy. 

**Qualified Lifeguard? **

Are you looking for part time work and qualified to lifeguard and teach
swimming lessons?  WE WANT YOU! Apply on line at ottawa.ca/careers

Next water screening date
is August 14 at Richcraft Recreation Complex. For further information
contact: aquaticshiringteam@ottawa.ca.

**Camp Ottawa: Energy, Adventure, Adventure & Swim**

A great way to spend the summer in our city!

If finding summer activities close to home is your priority, check out
the new Camp Ottawa <http://cityofottawa.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=98718e3813e7e7a11d18c7360cc83cdb&i=2603A2751A83A68721> found
around the city with organized games, sports, crafts and special events.
Themes ignite the imagination and offer a different program each week.
We offer the largest selection of camps in the city, in community
centres, recreation complexes, arenas, arts centre and pools. Select
from three Camp Ottawa's with options for swimming and outings. We will
keep your child on the go and having a blast with new friends!

Join us for active and creative programs full of fun!

Register now!  ottawa.ca/summercamps

**Looking for summer camps available at a specific facility? **

JoinOttawa  <http://cityofottawa.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=98718e3813e7e7a11d18c7360cc83cdb&i=2603A2751A83A68593>

**Afraid you waited too long to sign up for summer camp?**

Arts Camps still have space left for young artists looking for a
creative summer outlet! Whether it be art + swimming or musical theatre
production - we have spots all throughout the month of August just
waiting for your kids to enjoy! Register today!
Art!  Dance!  Drama! <http://cityofottawa.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=98718e3813e7e7a11d18c7360cc83cdb&i=2603A2751A83A68723>

**Summer Ice is Nice! Hockey Camps across the City**

Keep cool this summer improving your skills for Canada's national sport
- hockey! With on and off ice activities, camps are a great way to
pick up some tips and increase skating and scoring skills. For
recreational and competitive players, we still have spots in our camps
offered atarenas across the city

**Youth leadership programs: Real training; Real certificates; Real
experience! **

The City of Ottawa offers a full range of leadership programs f
<http://cityofottawa.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=98718e3813e7e7a11d18c7360cc83cdb&i=2603A2751A83A68726>or youth 13 and up. Summer is
a great time to start to become a leader. With three different levels
based on age, you can become skilled and ready for employment and even
meet the 40 hours for high school community service requirements.  Make
this a fun summer that will change your life!

**August Fun at City of Ottawa Museums!**

Billings Estate National Historic Site

**Pride and Prejudice Tea Party**
Join us for a themed tea amidst details from the infamous novel, "Pride
and Prejudice" by acclaimed author, Jane Austen. Enjoy a Regency era tea
menu, English country dance demonstrations, and actors demonstrating
popular characters from the novel.

Cumberland Heritage Village Museum

**The Adventures of Robin Hood at the Drive-In Theatre**
Listen to the movie right through the radio in your car as you watch it
on the big screen! The Adventures of Robin Hood, the classic tale of the
Legend of Robin Hood, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor is
coming to the big screen! Enjoy the atmosphere of a classic drive-in
along with our vintage concession stand and learn about how stunts from
the movie were done. Fire an arrow at our archery range, and capture a
selfie with Robin Hood, Maid Marion, and a bard of Merry Men! 

Pinhey's Point Historic Site

**Get to the Point **
Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Ottawa River as you enjoy a
variety of different activities. Take a Voyageur canoe ride, enjoy
sailing demonstrations, be inspired by our display of heritage boats,
learn about the forgotten arts and trades, and be entertained by live

**Showing at our Community Galleries this month**

West End: Atrium Art Gallery
August 19 to September 21

To truly appreciate the beauty of this fleeting life we are gifted,
Susan Ragheb explores how, sometimes we must distance ourselves from
everyday stresses, abandon negative souls that hurt us, so we can step
into a space where we can pause, and just... Breathe.

East End: Trinity Art Gallery (A + B)
August 25 to September 20

Maya Hum's showcase,

****Evoking Worlds**** presents imagined environments balanced between
reality and the mind's eye. Evoking new worlds, each image explores
personal memories and narratives for inquiry.

Bert van der Plas':

**Uniek** {unique} features works exploring the use of materials
intended for one usage transformed into clothing. Each piece is modeled
and photographed in an attempt to enhance its "uniekness". 

Summer Activities at City Hall

Events at Lansdowne

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