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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Citizens Academy Fall 2016 Boot Camp

Join our Fall Boot Camp to learn the skills and make the connections you need to improve our city.

Are you passionate about Ottawa? Would you like to know more about how the city works? Do you have ideas for positive change but need to know how to make it happen?
We know that solving our city’s problems and overcoming its challenges brings it closer to reaching its full potential. 
When that happens, our city’s people move closer to reaching theirs. 

The two are inseparable, because our city is its people. 
Our city is the range and multitude of decisions and actions taken by its people to make themselves and their neighbours happier, healthier, smarter and safer.

Whether you’re new to the city, or were born and raised here, your involvement is a vital contribution to Ottawa’s growth and prosperity.

What you will learn
Run each Wednesday evening, from 6-9pm over a six-week period, starting October 19, 2016, this free, interactive and practical workshop series enables you to:
  • Navigate the local context, understanding the players, relationships and powers at various levels and sectors;
  • Understand how to influence city spending, decision-making and the built environment;
  • Explain how communities and cities are built the way they are;
  • Identify and work with local champions through dialogue and collaboration about issues you care about; and
  • Use constructive problem-solving between the city and its citizens.
Space is limited. Apply before September 30, 2016 and join other change makers in Ottawa.