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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Save Energy In the Summer

To save energy in Heating and Cooling your home:
1) Install a programmable thermostat so you can set and adjust the
temperature of your home.   Depending on how you set the program
you could save 10% on year round heating and cooling.

2) Close the curtains to keep in the overnight cool and keep out
the daytime heat.   Let the cool air in in the morning and then
close the blinds or drapes during the day.  

3) Change the furnace filter regularly and have a heating,
ventilation, air conditioning professional perform an annual
servicing of the furnace and air conditioner to keep them at
highest operating efficiency.

You may save Hot Water when you

1) Fix leaky faucets and toilets A leaky faucet or tap could
waste 800 litres of water in a month at the rate of one drop of
water per second.

2) Install a faucet aerator can save 25 to 50 per cent
in reducing water consumption at each tap.

3) By always running a full load in the dishwasher you get
savings with your dishwasher.   Also use the light or short
cycle for easy to clean loads and the energy saving drying
cycle.   Or open the dishwasher once the wash cycle is
complete and air dry.


1) When the days get longer and shorter adjust the outdoor
lights timer to use electricity when you need to.

2) Replace burned out light bulbs with LED bulbs.   The cost
of the LED bulb is more but savings in reduced energy use will
be a benefit for years to come.

For more information on saving energy in your home, visit: http://www.HydroOne.com/forHome