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Monday, June 27, 2016

Responsible Dog Owners - The Why's

Why Stoop and Scoop

1. There are about 93,000 dogs producing an estimated 20,500 kilograms of waste each day.
Stoop and scoop keeps sidewalks, parks and green spaces clean.

2.  Dog waste is a health hazard especially for children and other dogs.

3.  Dog waste is an environmental hazard rains will carry dog waste into streams and storm sewers which carries the rivers increasing the bacterial content and polluting beaches as it generally degrades the environment.

4.  Dog waste can cost the dog owner who gets caught in the act of leaving dog waste on either public or private property.   Legally it is to be disposed of at the dog owner's home, ideally by flushing it down the toilet so it can be treated before being released to the environment.

This "Let's be proud of our community" approach is essentially borrowed from a pamphlet prepared by dog owners in Kanata North