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Monday, May 30, 2016


Sharing the road is something motorized vehicle drivers and cyclists as well as pedestrians do.   
The Ottawa Police Service and many others tend to forget the third element in road safety that is the pedestrian.    
It seems that when a pedestrian is involved in accident, that pedestrian must be at fault.    
Why do we stop short of working for zero collisions with zero deaths in our City?

It is recommended that cyclists safety would be improved
* bicycles are treated as other vehicles by motorists
* motorists leave as safe a distance between their vehicle and the bicycle that the driver is passing as is possible given the traffic
* motorists should shoulder check and signal all lane changes
* motorists need to check for bicycles before opening car doors

Cyclists are recommended to
* stop at all stop signs
* use proper hand signals when turning and when stopping
* drive on the right side of the roadway
* proceed only in the designated direction on one-way streets