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Friday, April 8, 2016

Taxi & Limo Regulation Comments

April 7, 2016
It was a disappointment to find that the proposal on Taxi and Limousine Regulation fails to
first, require that each vehicle was providing taxi type service carries $5,000,000 commercial liability insurance;
second, have a public agency receive and monitor annual police personnel  checks of vehicle drivers, vehicle road worthy inspections  and
third, establish a standard taxi charge as the maximum fee to customers since the proposal maintains the maximum number of taxi to City population.

I made these requests some weeks ago and am concerned that the public interest is being abandoned in the regulation .to the frivolous rule of buyer beware criteria.

Unhappily I do not have a straight forward suggestion to the serious burden which the purchase of City taxi license.    The license medallion has been seen as a kind of long range retirement investment that apparently benefited the City Treasury with a ten percent additional payment made in good faith by the purchaser.   
 The City’s sharing in the purchase with a surcharge sort of tax on the purchase impacts and transforms the theme that the process was a commercial unfettered and unregulated process.     The City at a point in time at least endorsed by participating as a recipient of what I call a surcharge paid by the new taxi badge of authorization owner.
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