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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Blasting Summer 2016 on Katimavik Road

I would like to thank you for your email regarding the planned blasting in Katimavik, and I wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with further information about this project. 

The Kanata West Pumping Station and associated forcemains were identified in the Kanata West Master Servicing Study as requirements to service growth in the Kanata West area south of Highway 417, and to intercept drainage in existing development areas in the Stittsville area north of Hazeldean Road, currently serviced by the Hazeldean Pump Station. 

The Project Manager has explained that the forcemain route on Katimavik includes rock that requires excavation to facilitate the project’s necessary infrastructure.

The contractor will conduct work in accordance with approved blasting plans and within the City of Ottawa standards regulating this type of work. However, as this is a major infrastructure project that will protect our community for years to come, the blasting to accommodate the forcemain is necessary.  

The blasting will occur on Katimavik between Castlefrank and Terry Fox. It will begin the week of May 23 for approximately 18 weeks and should be complete by the end of September

Please be advised that blasting will not occur on Sundays or any statutory holidays. As such, residents within the first area to experience blasting will receive notice 15 days prior to the week of May 23 to advise that activity will begin near their homes. This method of advising resident will continue over the course of the project and dates will vary depending on location.

Throughout the blasting, the Project Manager has explained that 15 days notice will be given to the properties within 150 meters of the area scheduled for blasting. If any changes are made to the schedule, further information will be distributed to ensure that residents are kept informed of the construction activity, as well to advise when blasting has been completed near their homes.

In regards to your inquiry about the damage to foundation of residents’ homes, I would like to advise that the contractor is required by the City to carry liability insurance before any work may proceed.  

Residents may be asked by Explotech for permission to survey a homeowner’s property before the work commences, as contractors typically conduct pre-construction inspections to document existing conditions for insurance purposes. Although it is the resident’s choice whether or not to allow the inspection, it may be helpful after the fact should any damages to the foundation be incurred. 

Please note that the contractor is fully responsible for any damage to private property as a result of their construction activities. If you think that damage occurred to your property as a result of construction, please contact Doran directly. To report and if a resident requires assistance on this matter, our office would be happy to assist.

Should you wish more information,  please let KHCA know 

by email at: president or by phone 613-599-1634