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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Coping with Power Outage from Hydro Ottawa

When the lights go out

Don't feel completely left in the dark when a power outage takes place. Hydro Ottawa has plenty of valuable information and features that you and your community can turn to when the power goes out.

Updated every 15 minutes, our online outage map details both planned and unplanned power outages. You can also view information about historic outages in your ward and across the city.

Our 24/7 outage telephone line at 613-738-0188 is also available to you. This channel quickly directs you to our bilingual Interactive Voice Response application, which identifies areas experiencing an outage and gives you an update on their status.

During major power outages and storms, you can also turn to your mobiles to find the latest updates via Twitter by following us at @hydroottawa.

We also share a variety of educational information through our website, including the common causes of interrupted electricity supply, how we find out about power outages, and the steps we take to get the power back.

And if you're looking for outage safety procedures, you'll find everything you need under the Safety in Emergencies section of our website.

As time goes on, outage communications will continue to evolve at Hydro Ottawa, helping everyone better understand the complexity of outages and our response to them.

See how we handle outages in our new video series

Your power's out. Now what?

We know that power outage detection and restoration is top-of-mind for you and your community. That's why we've developed a series of new videos to explain the process behind safely and effectively ensuring your lights go on and stay on!

Check out the three stages – preparation, communication and detection – here. We welcome you to share these videos on your website, social media channels and newsletters to spread the word.

Schools focus on Electricity Safety and Conservation

Since 2005, Hydro Ottawa's Electricity Safety & Conservation program has been teaching school children about how electricity works, how to stay safe around it and how to conserve at home and at school.

We're proud to have helped deliver more than 1,300 in 197 elementary schools across Ottawa, training more than 161,000 students. The presentations are offered free of charge to schools from kindergarten to elementary in Hydro Ottawa's service territory on a four-year rotational cycle in English or French.

For more information on in-school presentations, click here.

Download, print and save

As part of Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan, the provincial saveONenergy portfolio of programs is a conservation initiative offered through local electricity distribution companies like Hydro Ottawa. The programs are designed to reduce energy consumption and demand.

SaveONenergy is again releasing coupons for energy-efficient products like LED bulbs, lighting controls, clotheslines and weatherstripping. Simply download coupons, print and redeem at participating retailers for instant discounts at: hydroottawa.com/Coupons.

Help for Low-Income Households

The Ontario Energy Board's Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) can provide qualifying customers in your community a fixed monthly credit – ranging from $30-$50 – to their electricity bill.

Applications are available at OntarioElectricitySupport.ca

Households that qualify under the program will receive the OESP credit depending on when they apply to the program. It takes six to eight weeks to process an application.

Low-income customers who need to use more power because they heat their home with electricity, use medical devices or have other special electricity requirements, may receive a higher level of assistance. Customers with First Nations and M├ętis status may also receive a higher level of assistance.

To learn more about the OESP and sign up to receive program updates, visit OntarioElectricitySupport.ca.



Ottawa residents to be surveyed on electrical safety

How much do Ottawa residents and business owners know about electrical safety? That's what Hydro Ottawa will be asking this spring.
g this year, the Ontario Energy Board requires all local electricity distribution companies to file the results of a survey on public awareness of electrical safety every two years.

The survey is intended to gauge the public's level of awareness when it comes to key electrical safety hazards and precautions. Responses will be used to help determine what public education initiatives or distributor activities are needed to increase electrical safety awareness knowledge and prevent electrical accidents.

Stay tuned for the survey which could be coming your way in the next few months and always stay safe around electrical parts.