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Monday, February 1, 2016

Children's Aid Society needs Foster Parents


Children with special needs and youth need to have an environment where they can reach their milestones while being protected and loved. The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (CAS) wants to ensure that youth coming into care have such an environment in a family based setting. A special need child or teenager is dependent on his/her caregiver and therefore need to know that he/she really belongs to a home with identifiable surroundings. 

Far too often there are not enough families and they end up in a group home.  Group Homes can help provide temporary stability but researchers have proven that they do not provide a sense of belonging, a sense of family. Furthermore, there is also a greater possibility for teenagers and special needs children to age out of the system alone, without a family.

Fostering is a commitment to provide safety, security and predictability in the lives of children and youth who require a temporary, short-term out-of-home placement. Foster parents open their hearts and homes to children and youth in need.

Did you know that there are youth in group care who are waiting for a foster family? 

Possible foster families may email by clicking foster care  or contact foster care by phone at: 613-747-7800 ext 5130