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Friday, January 29, 2016

Ontario Working toward Zero Waste

Back in November, 2015 the Government of Ontario presented 
Bill 151, the Waste-Free Ontario Act, to the Provincial Parliament.
This is a very ambitious effort

The Vision of the Act is to have  A circular economy where we have zero waste and zero greenhouse gas emissions from the waste sector and where all resources, organic or non-organic, are used and reused productively, maximizing their potential and reintegrating recovered materials back into the economy.

The Act has two Goals:  Zero waste in the Province and Zero greenhouse gas emission from the waste sector.

These goals are to be realized by achieving three Objectives:

#1: Increase Resource Productivity and Reduce Waste.

#2: Enable an Efficient and Effective Recycling System.

#3: Create Conditions to Support Sustainable End-Markets.

The Consultation Guide and the  presentation are published at:

Comments are invited till February 29 via the EBR web site; the No. is 012-5832.    The direct link is: http://www.ebr.gov.on.ca/ERS-WEB-External/displaynoticecontent.do?noticeId=MTI2Njk0&statusId=MTkxMjM1&language=en.