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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Minutes of November 2 KHCA Meeting

Present: Rod MacLean, Nilay Ertemur, Steve 
Anderson, Tom Lowrey, Heidi Brault, Charles 
Gregoire, Sue Jones, Jianhong Xu.       
 Regrets: Kul Kapoor, Maureen Taylor, Ursula 
Grave, Scott Coleman, Elisabeth McCarthy, 
Judy Lees, Roman Srutek, David Downing
Rod welcomed everyone.
1.     The minutes for the October 5th meeting 
were accepted as circulated
2.     President’s Update: The 19-23 Bachman 
Terrace proposal to again severe the Northern 
half of 19 Bachman raised a question as to 
whether the matter of possible contaminated 
soil was properly checked with a thorough 
records search and a complete visual inspection 
of the property – the advice of Peter Vice, QC 
is that the investigation was what it should have 
been since no record was found and no 
indication on contamination soil was seen 
by a professional engineer.    To request a 
review by the OMB we would need evidence 
that the original decision was outside the OMB 
jurisdiction, violated natural justice, made an 
error in fact or law, received false or misleading 
evidence or should consider new evidence 
not available at original hearing and also 
 submit our request within 30 days of the 
original written decision.   Tom Lowrey 
proposed that KHCA ask Jack McLaren, MPP 
to request Minister of Municipal Affairs 
and Housing the Honourable to review and 
correct the OMB decision on the 19-23 
Bachman Terrace proposal
    For the moment the City is searching for 
private funding to support    refugees from 
Syria;     tiles for Community Mailboxes on 
Belleview-Vanstone streets await a decision 
by the new government;     more frequent 
daylight service on bus route # 96 is available.

 Note: make not emergency reports to the Ottawa Police at613-236-1222 ext 7300

 3.  Street safety: Sewell Way diversion to be checked by City staff and hedges at the corner of Pickford Drive and Belleview Drive
4.     Irwin Gate Park needs secure and private port-a-potty during soccer season and upgraded facilities need to be added to the train and station in the children’s play area.
5.     New minimum parking policy for the inner urban area is based on the facts that 7% of all Ottawa households do not own a vehicle and estimated 23% of Ottawa-Gatineau households spend over 50% of income on housing and a vehicle.     This means that few households will need parking but it also means that transit service has become an essential service.
6.     Why was the investigation suspended?   This concerns the incident was a 9:20 am on Thursday, June 4th, 2015 collision at Hazeldean and Huntmar Roads sending a constable and resident to hospital with serious injuries suspended
7.     KHCA should promote having dog owners to pick up and properly discard dog feces.
Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm   Next Meeting: Monday, December 7, 2015