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Monday, December 7, 2015

Draft Agenda Dec. 7th KHCA Meeting

Draft  Agenda       
1.      Approval of the Minutes of the KHCA November 2nd meeting as circulated and items arising  
2.       President’s update:  Lighten the Night Tour December 21st??  and awards Lighten the Night January 4th, 2016 get together;  19-23 Bachman Terrace Tega’s  twenty-three townhomes project status;     City’s refugee support is focused on fundraising;   Chimo-Inuvik Wagon ride not Happening;   comments on taxis and limousines regulation;   Footbridges  blocked in Cattail Creek Park  and multi lights in Cattail Creek Park;   301 Palladium Drive agree??;      Syrian Refugee FAMILY  SPONSORSHIP    FUNDRAISING   St. John’s Anglican Church collaboration;    Status of a)  Belleview- Pickford Intersection hedging   and  b) Charles  Gregoire Concerns and c) Steve Anderson issues answer from city --   Sewell  Way instead of Castlefrank Road long left turn signal Friday night Dec 4th;    minimum Parking Policy inner core by December 15th

Note: you may report matters to the Ottawa Police Service at 613-236-1222 ext 7300

3.      Treasurer’s Update
4.       Stittsville Carp Road Landfill
5.       Permanent Sign  Review  let me know your views By December 9th,  I will add them to our submission
6.      Paid Advertising on KHCA Website Long & McQuade,  Classical Theatre Festival, Cheryl McDonald, and Suzanne Young
7.      New Business
Adjourn          Next KHCA meeting:   Monday, February 1st, 2016