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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

KHCA AGM Minutes Oct. 5, 2015

Present: Rod MacLean, Harjit Hothi, Scott Coleman, Charles Gregoire, Heidi Brault, Steve Anderson  
Regrets: Nilay Ertemur, Maureen Taylor, Elisabeth McCarthy, Tom Lowrey, Ursula Grave.

1.       Rod welcomed everyone

2.       Minutes from KHCA September 14 meeting were accepted as circulated.

3.       Presidents Update:  President presented the year in review 2014-15 and then asked

(i) if anyone is interested in representing KHCA in group concerned with the Carp Road Landfill - ie, smells and groundwater safety?   and

ii) Ideas on ways of having residents participate more in KHCA.   

4.      Treasurer’s reports that operating fund balance is $205.92 

5.       Election for KHCA Board of Directors -- Steve Anderson nominated and approved to join Rod MacLean, Kul Kapoor, Harjit Hothi and Nilay Ertemur as members of the KHCA Board of Directors

6.       Street Safety   – i) anti-speed measures for Sewell Way   ii) hedge and lack of visibility by-law declined to intervene were discussed.  Charles Gregoire is to follow up the traffic issues on Sewell Way with the Councillor’s office and Steve Anderson to follow up on 15 Belleview Drive hedge problem.

7.       President will ask City if there should be a specific Zoning By-law classification and category for parks, wooded areas and open spaces.

8.       President will ask City what can KHCA do towards helping the City’s Syrian Refugee project?

Next Meeting: Monday, November 2, 2015

Year in Review 2014-15
Winter   2014-15
Nov, Dec, Jan   2014   Temporary addition to Board and Marc Labrèche withdrew      Lighten the Night Contest through Christmas Holiday season Continued excellence Lighten the Night home lighting design recognized
Dec, Jan, Feb, March   2014-15    Young’s Pond Park puddle rink    plus KES boarded and puddle rink   Community Skating Party late Feb some 80 attended an enjoyable time
Spring    2015
Party status at Official Plan & Studies challenge
Spring City Parks Clean-up
Party status at June 17-18 OMB Hearing
Interactive map lack meant Community Yard Sale June 6th  did not happen  
 Community BBQ June 13th some 110 people of all ages participated: activities Lucas Haneman, Fire truck, Face Painting & Balloon Animals
Eagleson Park & Ride more spaces than marked for disabled users and new drop off areas on both East and West sections of the P&R
Summer   2015
Learned that Abdol reported his interest in 19-23 Bachman Terrace so the information he had access to was not his failure.     Legally he was not in conflict of interest.
Supported: Hospice expansion, 449 Hazeldean since no access from Lombardo Dr. but doubted wisdom of 160 Hearst Way asked east-west facing guest rooms and proper berms on three sides
Asked residents involved in Cash in Lieu especially to have good project and doubt the 30 meter with 2.5 meter berm for safety and appreciate front yard noises leave it to Tom Lowrey to suggest tightening up noise Guidelines
Attended OMB hearing on Official Plan out of curiosity
August 21 OMB authorized Tega Homes to build 23 townhomes at 19-23 Bachman Terrace. 
Fall   2015
Steve Anderson is willing to join Board of Directors  
Nine City Parks Fall City Parks 2015 Clean-up have been reported done
Has the City stopped its trial to see if residents will leave dog feces in special waste bins?
Sum up
Information is linked to 400 residents and 70 residents have KHCA membership cards.
Community Skating Party and Community BBQ were highlights of year
19-23 Bachman Terrace 23 townhomes decision was disappointing choice by OMB