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Friday, October 23, 2015

Zoning Study: Minimum Parking Review

Draft Recommendations 
Now Available

Please send comments no later than 
December 18, 2015  

The Minimum Parking Review has 
produced some draft recommendations 
on changes to the minimum parking 
requirements under the Zoning By-law. 
The proposed changes can be viewed 

We've also produced a short video 
that discusses some of the reasons 
for our approach:

The Minimum Parking Review was 

launched on May 4th, 2015 with our 
online Discussion Paper. 
Stakeholders were encouraged to 
read the discussion paper, which 
laid out the background, 
pros and cons of minimum parking 
requirements, as well as a range of 
approaches to modifying these
Stakeholders were invited 
to send comments on the Discussion 
Paper, and over the summer we met 
with a number of community 
associations to discuss the issue and 
to gather feedback.
Staff welcome your thoughts and 
comments on the proposals  
described above.