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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Planning and Development October E-Newsletter

Community spotlight - 

A message from Councillor 

Jan Harder, Chair of 

Planning Committee 

It is with great enthusiasm I am authoring the first 
ever Community Spotlight Article.  The Planning and 
Growth Management Department is reserving this 
column just for you.

As Chair of Planning Committee, I see on a daily 
basis how involved you are as a community in our 
city and specifically in the matters of planning.   
What the Department and I would love to hear is 
your ideas and thoughts on how to manage growth 
in Ottawa.  We are launching a Residents' Roundtable 
with the first meeting being on Saturday November 7, 
2015 at City Hall.  This column is hoped to serve as 
another tool to highlight all your thoughts to an 
interested audience.

Our city is changing fast. LRT is coming, the suburbs 
are maturing and we are seeing intensification throughout 
the city.  We, each and every one of us, have the ability
to make it great!  I believe that through the rules of 
planning and community involvement we have the
tools to continue to build an exciting, prosperous city. 
So get your thinking caps on – we want your ideas on 
projects, developments and creative planning initiatives.  
I know, for sure, I am going to open my newsletter 
each month, eager to read your column.

To submit your article, e-mail planning@ottawa.ca 
with the subject line Community Spotlight Article.

The Urban Forest Management Plan Study started 
with a celebratory launch on September 23, 2015. 
 About 200 residents participated in an evening 
devoted to learning more about urban trees and 
discussed the importance and challenges of urban 
forest management. The Study will take 
approximately 18 months to complete.

handed out to a list of worthy recipients on 
September 30, 2015. Find out who was honoured 
for exceptional projects built in Ottawa between 
September 1, 2013 and September 1, 2015

Where should you be able to park your car?  
The Minimum Parking Requirements project is asking 
that very question. Our first discussion paper is online; 
our second paper – complete with recommendations 
for the Zoning By-law, will be available by October 21, 2015.   
Read what others have had to say so far.

Zoning By-law review for minimum parking

Ever wondered who and what makes up the 
Ward you live in? Things like total population, 
how old we are, how many households, family types, 
language, mobility, education and ethnicity? 
Wonder no more! You can find all these things 
and more reading the
2011 Census and National Household Survey. 

Mandate and structure of the Committee of Adjustment

We're all ears – tell us what you think of our newsletter 
and what you'd like to see included in the upcoming
 issues.  E-mail the Editor at planning@ottawa.ca