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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#96 Bus Service Changes

In reply to a  request to increase frequency of #96 bus
service KHCA has received the following response
from OC Transpo:

The customer correctly points out that Route 96 was 
renumbered Route 92 and changed to operate along 
Campeau. This took effect June 28th as part of a series 
of adjustments within Kanata and Stittsville to introduce 
services to new areas.  However, please note that 
scheduled service frequency along Katimavik Rd. 
will be remain sufficient to meet ridership demand 
along this road.

The service adjustments will also reduce duplication 
of existing services. In some cases, such as Katimavik 
Road, this reduced duplication will result in the 
reallocation of some services to other areas in need.

The re-numbering of Route 96A trips made it possible 
to simplify Route 96 for customers and decrease 
confusion by reducing the number of different patterns 
on the route.
When making these adjustments, we endeavoured 
to ensure that transit customers along Katimavik Rd. 
will have sufficient transit service to travel to all the 
same destinations they do today. As with any a
djustment,  we are continuing to monitor service 
to ensure that it operates as per our service standards.