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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Preliminary Agenda Sept 14 KHCA Meeting

September 14 KHCA Meeting at Kanata Recreation Complex
100 Charlie Rogers Place in Kanata's Walter Baker Park
Meeting begins at 7:30 pm

                                Preliminary AGENDA

1.       WELCOME to Each and All of You
2.       Approval of the Minutes of the KHCA June 1st Meeting and 
items arising  
3.       Councillor Hubley’s Report on City Council and Ward 23 matters.  
4.       President’s Update:   i)    New Location;   ii)   Fall Parks Clean-up 
starts Sept 15th    iii)   Heritage Ottawa’s Heritage Forum to be at Saint 
John Anglican Church March Road on Sept 27th             iv)      Since 
June 1st = community yard sale; Katimavik Hazeldean Community BBQ; 
support for Canada Day in Kanata 2015 celebration; August 20th 
decision authorizing Tega Homes 23 townhomes for 19-23 Bachman 
Terrace  by OMB from June 17 & 18 hearing; Cost-Sharing for Park
Development delayed action on resident’s participation as not in Official 
Plan as yet; support 110 McCurdy Dr. Ruddy-Shenkman patient rooms 
and offices;  KHCA pleased no connection from Lombardo Dr to 
Market Square and have City staff consider the ignoring of right turn 
from Hazeldean Road in the 449 Hazeldean project for two new free 
standing buildings and new parking lot; concern about 160 Hearst Way 
Hotel with rooms not facing East-West and close to 3’4 sides berms 
with lots of shrubs and trees for privacy;                                         
v)   KHCA is sponsor of 4th Kanata Scout Troop   vi)   Repeated our
complaint on the mis-identification of our area by the Ottawa
Neighbourhood Study vii)  Re-opening of a renewed Young’s Pond
Park play structures, picnic table, benches, tree guides, birdhouses, 

partly heated storage bunker and restored nature to the pond with a 
replaced liner, electrically powered oxygenation, a new fresh water well 
safe for fish and birds.   
5.      Street safety: viii)   speeding vehicles “Slow Down for Us” signage; 
ix)   report to Ottawa Police Service by phone at 613-236-1222 ext 7300 
to help Police identify patterns, x)   triangle visibility at Belleview and 
Pickford intersection.           
6.      Setback from Railway Corridors - is 30 meters with 2.5 meters 
sufficient for trains travelling at 70 kilometers per hour or more     
7.      Environmental Noise Control Guidelines and the Province’s 
NPC 300 requirements                                
8.      Ways of having residents participate more in KHCA.      
Your ideas!

Next Meeting: Annual General Meeting on Monday, October 5, 2015