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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Backyard Pool Safety

When children are near a swimming 
pool, parents:

a.  Need to stay within arm's reach of swimming children 
and to give the children their undivided attention.

b.  Keep a phone and first aid equipment by the pool at all 
times.    Of course parents need to know what to do in an 
emergency, know basic first aid, know how to call 911 
and also know how to do CPR.

c.  Have your children take swimming lessons

There are three cautions about adults 
who swim.  

d.  If an adult swims alone there is nobody to help if a
medical emergency occurs.

e.  Adults who take risks - are susceptible  to drowning.   

f.   Those who drink alcohol are especially susceptible to
drowning.    They may not feel the full effects of the 
alcohol,  they are dehydrated, their risk taking tendencies 
are increased and their judgement is poor.