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Friday, July 31, 2015

ACE Campaign 2015 Note

Most of us look forward to a long life.    Unhappily many 
of us will need hospital care as we age.     I think of many 
because a couple of years ago, I tried to stop a fall, 
wound up disconnecting the quad tendon in my knee 
and with surgery and physiotherapy – I can easily walk 

The Queensway Carleton Hospital has received a 
substantial Provincial grant and a large donation from 
the Myers Automotive Group for an Acute Care for the 
Elderly facility which will look after thirty-four patients 
once it is open.     The QCH Acute Care for the Elderly 
unit requires your donation such that it will be there 
as you age and may need its care.   

As the community served by QCH, Western Ottawa’s
50,000 homes have a target of $1.5 million dollars 
that is $30 per home.    The thirty dollars investment 
in providing future health care within our community 
can return rewards big time later on.

This campaign is asking that you donate what you 
can or what you are able to commit to over the next 
few years.    Whatever the amount, every contribution 
can make the difference in a patient`s health.

You may donate:

Online:   ace.qchfoundation.ca

Or by phone:   613-721-4731

Or by mail:   
Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation
Acute Care for the Elderly Campaign  
3045 Baseline Road  
Ottawa,  ON   K2H 8P4                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Please remember that the QCH 
Foundation will need the donor`s 
full name and address information.

in order to issue an official income 
tax receipt.     
Income tax receipts will be issued 
for gifts of $10 or more.