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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

KHCA Minutes April 13, 2015

Present: Harjit Hothi, Rod MacLean, Dianna McCormick, Ursula Grave, Adele Srutek, Roman Srutek, David Downing, Tom Lowrey, Michelle Wright, and Allan Hubley
Regrets: Nilay Ertemur, Duane Avery, Steve Boyce, Maureen Taylor, Susan Jones, Marc Labreche, Judy Lees and Stewart Given.
1. We approved the revised minutes from the March 2nd meeting.

2.  Then we proceeded to the President’s update and the Community Yard Sale.    There was suggestion that we do not need any Kijiji advertising and should just up a sign the night before and publicize in the Kourier.   We had not considered the idea that there should be an indoor event.    

On the matter of central place for outdoor sales, it was pointed out that somebody could get stuck stuff nobody wants to take home.    Still it is possible for home owners to collaborate and come together at one location.    The words yard sale are used but the thinking is intended to include garage sales.
Last year we should have had at least sixty homes listed not twenty two.         

The goal for the Community Yard Sale is to combine with Bridlewood Community Association to make coming to Kanata South on the first weekend of June to check out the yard sales at the homes of residents like in the Glebe.     The registration is to show people who want to know what is for sale on which part of a street in KatimavikHazeldean by visiting the KHCA website page.   

The KHCA’s target role is to provide for free KHCA the information on what is available where.     
The logic KHCA is using put simply is the following:   the more home locations KHCA has the more home locations KHCA will register and show.     Then the more locations KHCA shows the more people will come to eventually make Katimavik Hazeldean’s Community Yard Sale into a Grand Community Yard Sale.      For now KHCA will advertise on Kijiji and on the Kanata Kourier-Standard in order to keep the registration both going and going and participation growing and growing.

The President has found out that KHCA may have its meetings at KRC free of charge, if it so wishes.

3.  Councillor Allan Hubley arrived so we gave him the floor, since he had indicated he had other events to attend.
 Adjourned at 8:35 pm       Next Meeting:    May 4, 2015