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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Diabetes SCREENING Spring 2015

SCREEN: Diabetes Workshop

SCREEN provides chronic diabetes disease risk 
assessment screening, education about diabetes, 
and referrals for the high risk and immigrant 
population. The program consists of 4 stations: 
registration, CANRISK assessment, blood test 
and referral, diabetes 101 workshop for the 
clients to go through.  

The workshop will take one hour.  Please 
register for your desired time slot:

Date:      Thursday, June 11

Time slots:    10-11am       #974009
                     11-12pm            #974014
                     1-2pm          #974017
                     2-3pm                #974019

             Space is limited – Register early at the front desk. Don’t miss this opportunity!

         (Located at the John Mlacak Centre)
       2500 Campeau Drive, Kanata, ON 
                                    Telephone:  613-599-4480
                                           Mon.-Fri 8:30AM- 4PM   Sat. 10-4