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Friday, May 1, 2015

IT’S TIME ! For People on Low Income to be Heard

IT’S TIME ! For People Living on Low Income
 to be Heard in the October 2015 Federal Election

Contact WOCRC before May 14th

Join us! Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre 
is recruiting women in rural and suburban areas who are 
living on low income to join us in bringing your insights 
and developing skills for getting others involved in the 
Federal elections.

Join a workshop:
Why Federal elections matter (May 21st or 28th):
  • how our lives and communities are affected 
  • by decisions made by the Federal government;
  • why issues (such as affordable housing, safe 
  • and affordable transit, affordable and healthy 
  •  food, good jobs, affordable and high quality 
  • childcare) matter to us
Making Votes Count Where We Live - café 
(September 16th or 18th):
  • Experience a café-style facilitation about 
  • the Federal elections
  • Learn why, where, how of voting
  • Learn skills for facilitating a café along with 
  • community developers and other women leaders
To make it possible:
  • Maria and Julie, community developers with
  •  WOCRC, would attend the training along with 
  • you and other women leaders in the community.
  • If you have child and other family-care 
  • responsibilities or transportation needs, 
  • we have support to reimburse some costs.
  • If selected to participate, you would receive 
  • $50 honorarium for each workshop in 
  • recognition of you taking the learning 
  • into your community.

Fill in the application or call Maria or J
ulie to talk about it, before May 14th.
Maria Friis                                         Julie McKercher
friis@wocrc.ca                                  mckercher@wocrc.ca
Stittsville and Kanata                      West Carleton and Goulbourn
613-591-3686 ext. 256                    613-591-3686 ext. 498