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Thursday, April 16, 2015

KHCA Minutes March 2, 2015 Meeting

Present: Rod MacLean, Alexandra Grant, Nilay Ertemur, Sue Jones, Ursula Grave, Velta Tomsons        Regrets: Councillor Hubley, Kul Kapoor, Harjit Hothi, Judy Lees, Maureen Taylor, Duane Avery

1. Revised Minutes of KHCA February 2 meeting were approved.      Under matters arising, it was noted that some vehicles are parking on the North-eastern end of Pickford Drive.   

2. President’s  a. update:: i) Community Skating Party Feb 22 great success with good weather and  more than 80 attendees;     ii) Cleaning the Capital Award Tim Hortons shared with Dan Dever and Jennifer Guerra;    iii) Youth Join in Conversation was held Feb 28th City’s Youth Portal is: http://ottawa.ca/en/ott-youth ;      iv) Renaming street - Walter Baker Place as of March 12th  please view:
b. For Your information:: v)  Radon Gas testing    
       When radon escapes from the bedrock into the outdoor air, it is diluted to such low concentrations that it poses a negligible threat to health.    However, if a building is built over bedrock or soil that contains uranium, radon gas can be released into the building through cracks in foundation walls and floors, or gaps around pipes and cables.    When radon is confined to enclosed or poorly ventilated spaces, it can accumulate to high levels.
       A home owner can test for radon themselves - if they wish.  Canadian Tire/Home Depot sell devices called radon testers.  You can also buy the testers from Public Health Ottawa.  These testers from Public Health Ottawa are approximately $65 + HST. 
Companies also test homes for radon gas.    Terrapetratox, for example, deploys radon testers and 3 months later picks them up and gives homeowner a report on their findings and recommendations.   The company charges $150 + HST to test homes.
       For more Health Canada information, please visit: 
 vi) Kijiji Ad for the Grand Katimavik Hazeldean Community Yard Sale end of March;     vii) Pedalheads® Bike Camps [on@pedalheads.com] registration;   viii)  Senatorstickets                                                                
c. Note:: If you are followed home from a bus stop, if door to door salespeople are aggressive, if a car follows children leaving school, or if you notice a traffic violation, speeding or unsafe driving – you may report it by calling the not emergency police number 613-232-1222 ex  7300 or  by submitting a report in an email: info@ottawapolice.ca so the OPS may be informed of and act on the matter                                                                                                                              
d. KHCA website www.khca.on.ca for information on “Fiddler on the Roof”; International Women’s Day Event, March 9th; Have your say about Carbon Tax March 11; Winter Safety Tip sheets; Keep Active in Winter; Winter 2015 Preparedness; Older Adult Plan – Successes and Future March 18; Rogers Hometown Hockey on Easter Weekend - April 4th & 5th; Seniors Fall Prevention Program - register for April; and annual Hike for Hospice May 3rd

3. Treasurer update: uncommitted balance $1,354 in operating fund

4.  20 million of Ottawa’s Ash trees are at risk to the Emerald Ash Borer including ash trees here in Katimavik Hazeldean.      Tree Ottawa promoting the planting of 1 million trees across the City and the City is committed to planting 500,000 trees.   
     Velta Tomsons, Tree Ottawa Organizer which organizes and promotes the project of promoting, planting and protecting trees especially on private property will be publicizing sources of saplings and young trees.  Rodent chicken wire properly set and kept above the snow line helps protect samplings from hungry squirrels, etcTrees Ottawa asks that we map where and what we plant and report the success of the trees as we look after it as needed.    www.EcologyOttawa.ca/org/trees   
     Alexandra T. Grant from Ottawa.ca/forestry reported that as now the City will contribute by planting and removing trees on public property; ie. parks and the road allowance along City streets.   Small planting projects in a community may be possible in the Fall of 2015 but community planting projects are more likely Spring and Fall 2016    Whenever planting are scheduled trees will be available rain or shine.   While the City will contribute trees, residents need to make sure the City through 311 aware of when the trees need attention.    Should it be necessary recall through 311 to ensure action is taken.     Chartwell Empress Kanata offered to be a center for our Tree Ottawa effort.

Adjourned at 9:00 pm         Next meeting:       April 13, 2015