We encourage feedback on any and all issues of concern to residents. Please join us at our monthly meetings to discuss issues or send an email to President@khca.on.ca. We look forward to hearing your views!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Draft Agenda May 4, 2015 Final

Welcome to Each and All of You

1.  Councillor Hubley note                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Street Name changes in Katimavik Hazeldean are Marcasite for Oakview, Young’s Farm Road for Young Road;& Charlie Roger Way in Walter Baker Park;   Splash pad in Stonegate has become a trial and error process;    Street post damaged a couple of weeks ago is back in operation;  no new information on Centerline marking nor on Winter Parking Open Houses

2.  President’s Update:   a. i  i) Katimavik Hazeldean Community Yard Sale ad on Kijiji from May 4th  full Top line ad;   iii) OMB status:   Official Plan challenged & Bachman Terrace meet in May;  iv) Buckthorn Pull in Young’s Pond Park;   v) KHCA website linked to Kanata Food Cupboard website and Councillor Hubley’s Kanata South website;
b. vi) Note:: If you are followed home from a bus stop, if door to door salespeople are aggressive, if a car follows children leaving school, or if you notice a traffic violation, speeding or unsafe driving – you may report it by calling the not emergency police number 613-232-1222 ex 7300 or by submitting a report in an email: info@ottawapolice.ca so the OPS may be informed of and act
vii) Province is interested in what works in tackling poverty.   In the Expression of Interest phase, the goal is to get a sense of the types of innovative programs already out there and how well they work 
 viii) As of May 4th, you can access the project website at ottawa.ca/minimumparking. We plan to hold a public open house in the fall of 2015 and expect to bring a zoning amendment to Council in 2016.
c.  www.khca.on.ca   ix) Youth Join in Conversation was held Feb 28th City’s Youth Portal is: http://ottawa.ca/en/ott-youth;   x)  By visiting www.ServiceOttawa.ca residents may track what action has been taken by City Staff on service requests for which you have secured a file number from the City when making that request.   Basic page is visited at:  http://ottawa.ca/en/serviceottawa;                
 ) Confederation Line West Light Rail Transit (LRT) Extension    Open House  on Wednesday, April 29,  City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West from 6 pm to 8:30 pm with presentation at 7 pm;) Hike for Hospice on May 3rd;
4. Treasurer’s Update Uncommitted  funds in operating fund  
5.  Katimavik Hazeldean Community BBQ on June 13th from 11 am to 3 pm in Cattail Creek Park --  stage set; health elements; park rented; BBQ & central tent; First Aid.   Port-a-Potties, musicians, food are in process.   Needed truck with 2 inch ball hook
6.  Heritage Meeting September 26, 2015 at ST John's South March, 325 Sandhill Rd
7.  New Business
Adjourn      Next meeting:   Monday, June 1, 2015