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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


As a community service KHCA is publicizing the following edited
safety circular from Allstate 

Winter offers an abundance of fun outdoor activities for kids and
adults alike, but these activities can quickly turn disastrous if safety
rules are forgotten. Many accidents can be prevented if proper
safety precautions are taken.

Always wear a helmet Kneeling, face forward, is the safest position
on a toboggan

Choose a hill that’s not too steep, and that offers room at the bottom
to slow down and stop

Ensure the hill is away from roads and parking lots

Make sure there are no trees, rocks, bumps, fences or other dangers
in the path Slide down the middle of the hill and climb up the sides to
avoid other sledders

Move out of the way once you reach the bottom of the hill Sled when
conditions are snowy rather than icy

Bundle up – layers are best – but avoid wearing scarves or other items
that can get caught in a sled Young children (five and under) should
sled with an adult, and kids younger than 12 should be watched
at all times

Always wear a helmet.

Beginners of all ages, should use a hockey helmet approved by the
Canadian Standards Association

Ensure skates fit properly and are tied tightly, with laces tucked,
to avoid tripping

Make sure the ice is smooth and at least 10 cm (four inches)
thick if you skate on lakes, rivers or ponds

Never skate near open water

Always skate in the same direction as the crowd
For more information and safety tips, you may visit Allstate or
contact your local Allstate Insurance Agency, 462 Hazeldean Road