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Monday, February 2, 2015


Did you know?
In Ottawa, ice skating falls were the third leading cause of
hospitalization for sport and recreation injuries between 2004 and 2008.

The City of Ottawa - Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Branch is
implementing a mandatory helmet use policy for all skaters ages 10 and
under as well as any new or weaker skaters of any age. This policy applies to
all City of Ottawa supervised indoor public skating sessions and supports the
efforts of Ottawa Public Health to prevent head injuries.

We are asking outdoor rink operators to promote the use of helmets and do
their part to prevent head injuries. Ottawa Public Health and Parks,
Recreation and Cultural Services recommend that everyone wear a CSA
approved hockey helmet for ice skating.

Lead by example and wear your hockey helmet while skating and
performing ice maintenance. You can encourage parents to be role models
and wear their own helmet as well as teach their children to wear one.
A well fitted CSA approved hockey helmet is important in order to
enjoy skating safely while having fun outdoors.

For more information visit our website  www.ottawa.ca/health

Putting on a helmet and making sure it
fits properly is easy, 

if you follow these simple steps::

1. Be sure the helmet has a snug fit
2. One finger space between the helmet and brow
3. Allow only one finger space between the chinstrap or cap and
4. Helmet should not move when you shake head from side to side