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Sunday, November 9, 2014

KHCA Oct. 6, 2014 AGM Minutes

The Katimavik Hazeldean Community Association

October 6, 2014   --   Annual General Meeting


Present: Rod MacLean, Dat Hoang, Kara Hoang, Marc Labrèche, Sunil Gurnani, Harendra Desai, Norm Moore, Sabah Nahfaooi, Harjit Hothi, Nilay Ertemur-Bhatti, J. Desrochers, David Downing, Kul Kapoor.         Regrets: Councillor HubleySarah Bowie,   Duane Avery     
Rod welcomed everyone                                                                                                           
Minutes of the Sept 8, 2014 KHCA meeting were approved as circulated                    
President’s update President outlined the KHCA 2013-14 in review.    The document is posted on the KHCA website,                                                                                                       
Treasurer’s report: operating fund balance is  $1306.09                                                                                   
Drop in centre for teenagers: It was felt by some members that a drop in centre is needed in our community where teenagers could drop in, socialize and play some games.  This will provide a healthy alternative to organized activities which may be expensive for some families.        Before taking action towards establishing such a centre it was proposed that the matter should be scoped to discover how big is this problem may be in our community.  Can such a need be met by other organizations including boys and girls club, churches, Kanata Leisure Centre, and KRC.  
Garbage pickup: It was suggested that garbage should be picked up every week, at least in the summer time.  “Some residents find that wrapping biodegradeable waste in paper eliminates insects in the green bin”.
Belleview and Vanstone flood mitigation: Residents from Belleview and Vanstone area raised their concern about the depth and width of the newly dug trenches.  They pointed out the safety issues, especially for driving in the winter when these trenches would be covered with snow.  They also pointed out the issue of cutting grass in some of these trenches which have steep slopes.    “City staff urged that KHCA wait to see the final result”                                         
Community mailboxes: a resident on Chimo Drive expressed the frustrations of dealing with Canada Post Office regarding the location of the newly installed mailboxes on Chimo which pose s safety issues.  “Inuvik mailboxes are to be moved to Inuvik Crescent and Chimo mailboxes relocated to the originally specified site opposite 20 Chimo Drive”                                                             
Follow up with Councillor Hubley: on the matter of more trees and benches in parks as well as the other nine items referred to Councillor Hubley’s Office, it was pointed out that KHCA had not received a reply to follow up on.                                                                                                                   
2014 Election Programming: as part of their municipal election coverage the CBC broadcasters were on Aird Place at the Kanata Leisure Centre and Wave Pool to hear community related issues on October 7th a from 8:00 am to 9:00 am                                                                        
Board of Directors:  In addition to Dennis Hearn past president, the following members were elected to members of the KHCA Board of Directors and nominated for President – Rod MacLean, for Vice-President – Marc Labrèche, for Treasurer – Kul Kapoor, for Secretary – Harjit Hothi, for Director Membership East – Sarah Bowie, and for Director Membership West – Nilay Ertemur-Bhatti.    The Board members formally become Directors on November 1st, 2014.
Adjournment at 9:15 pm     Next Meeting: November 3, 2014