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Friday, September 5, 2014

Next Up: Supporting young leaders

Next Up: Supports Young leaders 

committed to social and 

environmental justice --

Do you wonder what the future 
holds for our world?   Are you 
concerned about things like climate 
change, poverty, public health and 
education, housing and government 
policy?   Do you believe it is possible 
for us, as communities, to do things 
differently at home and abroad, 
to eradicate poverty, to deal with 
conflict peacefully, to rise to the 
climate challenge fairly, and 
to ensure everyone has access to 
good public health and education 

To be a Next Up participant,
you must be:
  • Aged 18–32
  • Passionate about changing the way
  • the world works, and committed to 
  • being active at the centre of social 
  • change
  • Certain that there are better ways 
  • for us to take care of each other 
  • and the planet
  • Willing to take a risk
  • Someone with leadership qualities 
  • (though leadership experience is 
  • not necessarily required)
  • Available to commit time to the
  • program between October – May


SEPT. 25, 2014

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