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Monday, July 28, 2014

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Over 60,000 Traffic Stops since Race Based Data Collection began last June

An update to the Ottawa Police Services Board on the Traffic Stop Race Data Collection Project reports that the study continues to be on track and progressing well. The report click here will be considered by the Board on Monday evening.
Officers have already conducted over 60,000 stops since the race based data collection began in June 2013 – a number that compares with annual traffic stops for previous periods.

The Ottawa Police Service, Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC), and the York Research Team are in agreement that the project has made significant progress to date.

“Through this project, the police service can continue its commitment to bias free policing and have meaningful dialogue about racial profiling concerns,” said Ottawa Police Inspector Pat Flanagan who is responsible for the project. “It’s about building a project that will produce accurate, meaningful and measurable data, and more importantly, have the confidence of our members and the communities we serve.”

The OPS continues to work closely with the OHRC and the York Research Team to build this project with community input.  The data will be made available at the conclusion of the two-year project in 2015.

The Traffic Stop Race Data Collection Project is the result of an agreement

 between the Ontario Human Rights Commission and the Ottawa Police Services Board.  Officers record their perception of driver race (by observation only) at traffic stops for a two-year period.

The largest study of its kind in Canada, the OHRC and the OPS believe that race-based data collection is an important tool to support bias-neutral policing services.  Full information, updates and opportunities to stay engaged are available online at ottawapolice.ca/race<http://www.ottawapolice.ca/en/news-and-community/Traffic-Stop-Race-Data-Collection-ProjectTSRDCP.asp>

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Join us - Stitching Our Social Safety Net


You are invited to contribute to the ‘Stitching Our Social 
Safety Net’, organized by Canadian Mental Health 
Association, Ottawa Branch. See details below.

Please share this opportunity with anyone who could 
be interested.

We are very excited about this project that our Poverty 
Elimination Mental Health Advocates Group (PEMHA) 
is working hard to organize.  The 29th of September 
event where we will  unveil the quilt (hopefully to wrap 
it around city hall in the afternoon).

We are adding to the quilt that Houselink/The Dream 
Team in Toronto used in the lead up to the last provincial 
election to make a statement on the eroding safety net.

Contribute a basic (generic) square to our 
safety net: 
Sew/stitch/crochet or weave a square/rectangle 
and send it to us.  
You can also send us a scrap of any material 
you have. 
We will stitch together everything we receive, 
to create the body of the social safety net.

We would like to receive the squares by August 1 if possible.    
Currently there are 14 sections that measure 15 feet by 3 

Also the organizers are looking for any sewing groups 
who could support stitching the squares together, 
before the September 29th event at City Hall. 

If you know of any sewing groups or if you want to 
contribute quilt squares, please contact Lisa Barleben 
by phone at: 613-737-7791 or by email