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Thursday, May 1, 2014

KHCA Minutes March 3, 2014 Meeting

Everyone was welcomed
Present:  Kul Kapoor, John Hansen, Peter McNichol, Nilay Ertemur, Guylaine Asiri, Blair Edwards.   Regrets: Councillor Hubley, Marc Labreche, Cheryl Teeter, Maureen Taylor, Dennis DeRusha, Roddy Bolivar
February 3rd meeting Minutes were approved
President’s Update:    Young’s Pond rink Winter Carnival Skating Party was a great success;  Katimavik Hazeldean Grand Yard Sale will be on June 7th; Katimavik Hazeldean Community Barbecue Picnic has been postponed;                                                                                                                                                                                      Notes =  Women’s Day Celebration Wednesday, March 5th at Don Cherry’s 6:30 pm;     Kanata Leisure Centre is closed from March 17 to April 17th and to April 27th for aquatic facilities so fire alarms can be replaced.        New Richcraft Recreation Complex at 1000 Innovation Drive will be open;      Contact Health Duty Desk at 613-580-6744 to have City spray against mosquitoes on City property. Please inform KHCA so we can follow-up;       On Monday, March 24 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm all Cleaning the Capital volunteers from past years are invited to the Councillor’s reception the Eva James Centre at Stonehaven Drive;      If you see dangerous driving note the details (date, time, vehicle make & colour, license plate, individual, etc.)     Then contact the Ottawa Police Service at 613-236-1222 ext 7300 provide the details and please ask for their tracking number.   This allows the police to identify patterns and adjust enforcement.  Please pass the tracking number to KHCA for follow-up;    
KHCA website www.khca.on.ca:  OPS Conducted Energy Weapons questionnaire by March 17 at   www.ottawapolice.ca/cew;   
Treasurer’s Update Operating Fund Balance $800
Community Mailboxes Questions raised at March 3rd meeting and submitted by email were:
What are the Canada Post criteria:                                                                 i) for determining the distance from homes to Community Mailboxes, ii) for situating the Mailboxes on homeowners property,                                 iii) for locating the Mailboxes adjacent to homes in the community,                                                                            iv) for locating the Mailboxes away from heavily traffic streets,                                                                                   v) for cleaning up litter and graffiti that may be left at the Mailboxes, Will Canada Post be responsible for cleaning off graffiti? 
vi) for maintaining all season access to the Mailboxes especially by clearing snow and sanding & even salting icy areas,                                                                                                  vii) for having the access to the Mailboxes asphalted to ensure solid base on which to approach by wheelchair,                                                                                 viii) for residents’ mailboxes that are full of mail and no more mail can be forced into the mailbox,                                                                           ix) for providing proper notification to homeowners in close proximity of intended location.                                                                                           x) for compensating homeowner whose homes lose value because of the positioning of a Community Mailbox near and also on their property?
xi) for compensating homeowner whose homes lose value because of the positioning away from their property?                                                         xii) for giving new community mailbox keys to individual residents and ensuring the keys are passed on to subsequent homeowners, xiii) for quickly repairing community mailboxes                                             xiv) for delivering mail to an obviously open community mailbox        xv) for eventually delivering accumulated mail to the community mailbox
xvi) for returning mail to the sender                                                          xvii) for supporting and ensuring that residents of all ages who may be housebound receive their mail.    
xviii) Will Canada Post continue to provide registered mail service and other delivery services involving recipient signatures to acknowledge receipt of such mail?                                                                  xix) “What provisions are being made for catalogue and on-line shopping deliveries, not requiring a signature?”                                             xx) Is there a way that Canada Post can be consistent in their delivery times to a community mailbox so that we know when to walk down there?
xxi) Is there a way that Canada Post can display something that indicates that mail has been delivered that day to those mailboxes, so that when you get there and the your mailbox is empty, you know that you will have no mail that day, instead of having to go back again to check it a number of times?                                                                                         xxii) How will misdirected mail be handled?  Currently I stick it over the mailbox and the postman takes it back
xxiii) “Where Community Mailboxes are imposed, can homeowners arrange to redirect all mail to a nearby Canada Post facility?”  and             xxiv) “Would such an arrangement be provided at no cost to homeowners?”

Meeting     Adjourned at 9:25 pm   
Next Meeting:      Monday,    April 7,   2014