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Saturday, May 10, 2014

KHCA April 7, 2014 Minutes

Rod welcomed everyone
Present: Rod MacLean, Marc Labrèche, Maureen Taylor, Susan Jones, Bessie King, James king, Ruth Cameron, Alice Holst, John Hanson.   Regrets: Councillor Hubley, Kul Kapoor, Cheryl Teeter, Didier Thizy, Dennis De Rucha, Julie Munro, Harjit S Hothi, Nilay Ertemur  
Minutes of KHCA March 3rd meeting were approved  
President’s Update:  Katimavik Hazeldean Grand Yard Sale will be on June 7th;        Katimavik Hazeldean Community Barbecue Picnic has been postponed;   Circulated Community Mailboxes replies were discussed                                                                                            
Notes == Vanstone Flood Mitigation meeting on Wednesday April 30 at Kanata Recreation Centre;   Kanata Leisure Centre closed from March 17 to April 17th and to April 27th for aquatic facilities so fire alarms can be replaced.       New Richcraft Recreation Complex at 1000 Innovation Drive is open;        Should you see dangerous driving note the details (date, time, vehicle make & colour, license plate, individual, etc.)     Then contact the Ottawa Police Service at 613-236-1222 ext 7300 provide the details and please ask for their tracking number.   This allows the police to identify patterns and adjust enforcement; Please pass the tracking number to KHCA for follow-up. Please note you may be required to appear as a witness;     
KHCA website www.khca.on.ca: “Raising Our Voices for the Hospice”
Choirs of Kanata Choral Society, Glencairn United Church and Immaculate Heart of Mary Church at St Paul’s Anglican Church on April 12. Parents and Prevention Workshop - Thursday April 10th OR    Thursday, May 8th  At WOCRC , 2 MacNEIL Court, Kanata This Workshop is for adults who want to learn more about youth drug use in today’s society.     This is a free opportunity ask questions learn about the signs of drug use as well as access to relevant resources.     Contact: Jessie at cornford@wocrc.ca    OR     Phone   613-591-3686 ex 277
Treasurer’s Update $358 operating fund balance          
--Emergency Preparedness “Are You Ready?” begins with Keeping calm before, during and after an Emergency   Thinking about what you would do if is the task    Separate the nice to have things from the must have.        This should include: a documents kit with prescriptions, passports, birth certificates etc; emergency kit of medications and medical supplies, three day’s supply food and water per person,  battery radio, cell phone; a special needs kit and a family pet plan     All family should know exit route out of the home with a gathering place.    Have an out of town contact person you will keep informed.                                                                           The City’s Emergency Management Plan and Communications Plan are on the City Website.   The City’s aims to keep core services functioning   The City will have an Emergency Operations Command Centre For more information, please seethe Are You Ready?  Booklet or visit: http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/emergency-services/emergency-services-and-preparedness
.---Hike for Hospice Palliative Care Fundraiser will be held on  Sunday, May 4th  from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm to raise the $1.6 million needed to provide the varied support services to residents and their families not covered by the Province.

--Building Height Study proposals for at least nine storey buildings in Kanata Towne Centre and nine storey buildings on Hazeldean Road  For more information please see  Documents emailed to residents on March 20th  and see http://www.ottawa.ca/kanatazoning so as to visit Candidate locations and recommended height limits

Adjourned 9:25 pm.      Next Meeting:      Monday,   May 5, 201