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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Community Mailboxes: Answers to K H Questions

Below is the email  with the attachment circulated  this evening.

Good Afternoon,
I had expected to receive more information about the Community Mailboxes by now.
From a discussion I participated in with some Post Office staff, attached is my understanding of the Post Office’s approach to locating Community Mailboxes in Katimavik Hazeldean.
I believe that the word flexible indicates the approach to distance given the complex aspects of so many different situations in our community.
I want to point out that there is a City Right of Way (a border) along all city streets which extends inward from the curb or from the edge of the street asphalt (if there is no curb).   In this border above ground generally is the sidewalk plus underground are such utilities as electricity, telephone, cable, lines.   The exact width of the border apparently varies among streets.  
We treat the City’s right of way as our property.   It adds to the attractiveness of our homes.     Appropriately located Community Mailboxes can add convenience given that they are to be the method for getting ordinary mail to us.     That is why I will circulate the Post Office material as I receive it.     
Best regards,
Rod MacLean


Twenty-four questions about Community Mailboxes from Katimavik Hazeldean residents

What are the Canada Post criteria:

i)                   for determining the distance from homes to Community Mailboxes, Flexible since distance is so complex

ii)                for situating the Mailboxes on homeowners property, SITES as far as possible will be on City’s right of way  along the side of a street                              

iii)               for locating the Mailboxes adjacent to homes in the community,     Flexible as this is part of distance                                                                     

iv)              for locating the Mailboxes away from heavily traffic streets,  Flexible includes safety  

v)                for cleaning up litter and graffiti that may be left at the Mailboxes, Will Canada Post be responsible for cleaning off graffiti?  Canada Post is responsible for keeping the three feet in front of the mail box clear

vi)              for maintaining all season access to the Mailboxes especially by clearing snow and sanding & even salting icy areas,   The City is to ensure safe access

vii)           for having acccess to the Mailboxes asphalted to ensure solid base on which to approach by wheelchair,   City and Canada Post to combine on this one    AND vii b) What will they do for people that are disabled and cannot walk a long distance to get to the boxes? AND xvii) for supporting and ensuring that residents of all ages who may be housebound receive their mail.      individuals should let me know, I set up contact with Canada Post in home for the home bound    

viii)         for residents’ mailboxes that are full of mail and no more mail can be forced into the mailbox,     AND xv) for eventually delivering accumulated mail to the community mailbox   AND xvi) for returning mail to the sender Canada Post is to leave letters telling residents about mail taken back to Iber Rd. and Abbot Rd sorting station  Residents should arrange with Canada Post when going to be away for sometime    

ix)              for providing proper notification to homeowners in close proximity of intended location.    My understanding is that notification is supposed to happen       

x)                 for compensating homeowner whose homes lose value because of the positioning of a Community Mailbox near or also on their property?     AND  xi) for compensating homeowner whose homes lose value because of the positioning away from their property?   Do we have any say in whether or not they can put a box on our property?     Government has directed Canada Post to go ahead with community mailboxes No compensation is expected because they will use public property in the City`s right of way  

xii)            for giving new community mailbox keys to individual residents Canada Post is to organize this and ensuring the keys are passed on to subsequent homeowners, Lawyers will ensure Community Mailbox keys are part of closing along with house keys
xiii)         for quickly repairing community mailboxes contractors are  supposed to maintain the community mailboxes   
xiv)         for delivering mail to an obviously open community mailbox  this is never supposed  to happen Please contact Canada specifically at the Iber Road & Abbott Road location   
xviii) Will Canada Post continue to provide registered mail service and other delivery services involving recipient signatures to acknowledge receipt of such mail?   Definitely Yes!!   

xix) “What provisions are being made for catalogue and on-line shopping deliveries, not requiring a signature?”  The new Community Mailboxes are wider and not so high so this is not expected to be a problem  Community Mailboxes include two locked boxes for packages.  If a package for an address is placed in a box the appropriate key is left in the addressee`s regular Community Mailbox
xx) Is there a way that Canada Post can be consistent in their delivery times to a community mailbox so that we know when to walk down there?    AND   xxi) Is there a way that Canada Post can display something that indicates that mail has been delivered that day to those mailboxes, so that when you get there and the your mailbox is empty, you know that you will have no mail that day, instead of having to go back again to check it a number of times? Once the new Community mailboxes are installed letter delivery should occur within an anticipatable  time  frame during the day

xxii) How will misdirected mail be handled?  Currently I stick it over the mailbox and the postman takes it back Strike a line through the address and  also write moved or not at this address then put it the mail out slot in the Community Mailbox  If the mail is correctly addressed to someone else again put it in the outgoing mail slot     

xxiii) ``Can homeowners arrange to redirect all mail to a nearby Canada Post facility?”  Yes AND    xxiv) “Would such an arrangement be at no cost to homeowners?”  No