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Sunday, March 23, 2014

KHCA Minutes February 3, 2014

Rod welcomed all                                                                             Present: Councillor Hubley, Rod MacLean,  Art Lamarche, David O’Neill, Michelle Wright (Councillor’s Office), Helen Roper, Jan McGuire, ,Kul Kapoor, Tom & Henne Kahwa, Elizabeth O`Driscoll    Regrets: Marc Labreche, Cheryl Teeter, Nilay Ertemur, Maureen Taylor, Christine Brown, Teresa Frechette,         
Councillor Hubley remarks The distance to residences in the Medical Marihuana Zoning Report was indeed short but medical marihuana production facilities will be restricted to area already zoned for industrial uses outside Kanata.                                                                                                    
 In the discussion of the second sidewalk on McCurdy Drive, many residents oppose the project while others support the proposal.                                                                                                 Councillor Hubley stated that he would not support the second sidewalk on McCurdy Drive unless two-thirds of the homeowners residing along McCurdy Drive supported that construction.  A petition will be circulated in 2016 and as well there would be a public meeting in 2016 before the City budget is prepared.    The 2nd sidewalk in our amalgamated City is required since McCurdy Drive is classed as a collector road.                                                                                     As well because the posting of signage requesting 30 kmh on McCurdy Drive on the hill approaching the Schools and allowing cars to park on the South side of McCurdy  -  combined to slow traffic, the signage  and parking on McCurdy will be a permanent feature of the non-winter months.    Signage will be set away from legal 40 kmh speed limit signs..                                                              
 Further traffic lights will be installed at the McCurdy/Tamblyn intersection with Castlefrank Road.    This project will include sensors accommodate vehicles entering the intersection from side streets and a streetlight on the Northwest corner of the intersection to better light pedestrians.                          Minutes of the December 2nd meeting were approved as revised   
President Update:  Frostbite Advisories will be circulated as received;  With over 300 riders for 2013 Wagon Ride and presentations of Lighten the Night  awards were both a  success;   Rink volunteers are always needed for  Katimavik Elementary School contact  Katimavk_rink@live.ca and for Young’s Pond  contact romansrutek@gmail.com;    International Women’s Day Celebration will be on March 5th at Don Cherry’s 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm; Widen Driveway in Suburbs to ½ frontage area passed Planning Committee;    Medical Marihuana Zoning report (150 meters to residences);  See Councillor Hubley’s E-Newsletter about parking changes you may request and for existing regulations please see: www.councillorallanhubley.ca  at   community tab;                               
 KHCA  website www.khca.on.ca: Feb 5 - French session LA LOI ONTARIEN DE 2010 SUR LES MAISONS DE RETRAITE  Pour vous inscrire ou obtenir plus d’information, veuillez adresse courriel: renee.chartier@coaottawa.ca;    Feb 6 – OPS Let’s Chat Session on Police Racial Stopping Data http://www.ottawa.ca/calendar/ottawa/citycouncil/opsb/2014/01-27/item2.htm;  KHCA residents recognized for Fall 2013 Parks clean-up;  CAO Prime Times - Jan 2014;   OPS Conducted Energy Weapons questionnaire by March 17 at   www.ottawapolice.ca/cew;  When phoning 311 insist on getting the File Number so follow-up is more possible                                        
Treasurer reported operating fund balance of $800                                          Bicycling Safety  is theme of Bike Camps operated by Pedalheads for a fee teaching groups of children up to twelve years from the Glen Cairn United Church parking lot.     For more information clink here     
Adjourned 8:25 pm     Next meeting:   Monday, March 3, 2014