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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Medical Marihuana Facilty Zoning Submission to Planning Committee Feb. 11, 2014

Mr. Chair, Councillors, Ladies and Gentlemen
Thank you for the opportunity to express our KHCA Executive’s views on the proposed Medical Marihuana Facility Zoning proposal.

Councillor Hubley graciously emphasized that Medical Marihuana Facility Zoning would not happen in Kanata.     That is great.

First, there is none the less unease that a 150 meter buffer area between residential/institutional zones and medical marihuana facilities would be sufficient.    
If that distance becomes the standard width of the buffer area, we may be faced with the proposal to have medical marihuana facilities constructed within Kanata since there are a number of locations where a facility could be 150 meters away from residential/institutional zones.   
For this reason we request that the width of the buffer area be at least 500 meters in all directions and preferably 1500meters or roughly one mile in all directions.   
The facility is to be secure but that does not prevent it from becoming a target of those with break-in intent.   Essentially our interest is to lengthen the distance in which illegal activity would be identifiable.

Second, our concern is heightened by the fact that Maps #2 (p. 22), #3 (p. 23), and #4 (p. 24) appear to depict industrial areas where the distance to residential/industrial zones may be less than 150 meters.     

Third, the blanket choice of RG Rural General Industrial Zone Sections 219-220 could accept the construction of both medical marihuana facilities and a wide range of vehicle service facilities within the Wellhead Protection Zone for Richmond’s wells as stipulated on the Official Plan Schedule K Environmental Constraints.     The locations that raise the point are two RG1 properties situated on Mansfield Road on either side of Conley Road