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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

KHCA November 4 Minutes

Present: Councillor Hubley, Rod MacLean, Maureen Taylor, Dennis De Rucha, Michelle Wright (Councillor’s Office), Martha Lee. Win Lee, Marc Labreche, Kul Kapoor, Bruno Simard      Regrets:  Suzanne Talbot, Cheryl Teeter, Nilay Ertemur

The minutes of the October 7 meeting were approved as circulated. 

President’s Update:    Hazeldean Mall has contributed prizes for the Lighten the Night contest;    October City Budget session remarks is attached;   Community Picnic planning has to await January when park rental is approved;   the Association celebration of  35 anniversary of its incorporation– July 16, 2015; Counterpoint Academy property is for sale; Young’s Pond Park bunker up date was circulated ; Please insist on getting the File Number for 311 reports so follow up is possible  

KHCA website www.khca.on.ca:  City’s Suburban Subdivision Design Standards  project at: www.ottawa.ca/suburbs   send feedback by emailingbuildingbettersuburbs@ottawa.ca before Nov. 15th ;  Glen Cairn Christmas Tree Lighting at Tuesday, November 12 at 6:15pm;  Suburban Driveway Requirements please visit KHCA website;                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Note: Christmas Wagon Rides will be on Wednesday, Dec. 18 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm from Castlefrank Elementary School bus drop off area  
Treasurer reported bank balance is plus$30 with paid members.                     
Results of Survey on more benches and more trees in City Parks is attached  and  will be prioritized and forwarded to the Councillor’s Office by the end of November.

Extending Larsen Linear Park pathway to Eagleson Road was supported by residents provided that vehicle access directly from Eagleson Road be blocked, that cyclists not be allowed to inadvertently proceed to the Eagleson sidewalk, that proper lighting be installed along the multiuse pathway to ensure that Police constables can inspect the pathway even driving by on Eagleson Road.       Those who oppose the extension see a risk to young people cycling on the Eagleson Road sidewalk ; expect more people to use the pathway and foresee that increased use leading to increased misbehaviour along the pathway.

Rearranging regular Route #93 and Express Route #60 to take advantage of the Innovation Park & Ride should remove overtime parking on the streets near the Eagleson Park & Ride.    The December, 2013 opening of the Kanata North Recreation Centre with its parking lot will become a daytime Innovation Road transit Park & Ride.   Also the newly constructed direct access ramp at Canadian Tire Place to Highway 417 means that route #96A service should increase use of that parking lot instead of the Eagleson P & R.

Sidewalks are proposed in the City’s Pedestrian Master Plan are scheduled for Katimavik Hazeldean collector roads including Chimo Drive, McCurdy Drive and Katimavik Road.     Chimo sidewalks will be a focus of the December KHCA meeting and McCurdy sidewalks at February meeting.     It was pointed out that Kakulu Road sidewalks should not be over looked and that Pickford Road too is a collector road.

Signage on Barrow Crescent needs to be changed to eliminate any suggestion that the speed limit is anything but 40 km/hr on Barrow.  As well it was indicated that the École Roger St. Denis lighting needed to illuminate that section of Barrow on occasion are shut off. The purpose of both the yellow line signage indicating a 30 km/hr and on street parking near Holy Redeemer School is to achieve the slowing of drivers who are proceeding down the hill on McCurdy Drive at that area.

Overtime parking on Hearst Way, Cohen Drive and Angus Drive was discussed as the other driver was charged for the October collision with the member’s car that left her injured.     Vehicles which could not find space at the Eagleson Park & Ride parked overtime on Cohen Drive and Angus Drive.    It is troubling that the additional vehicles will crowd travel on much of Cohen and Angus until the Innovation Drive Park & Ride becomes serviced by OC Transpo.

Adjourned 9:30 pm
Next Meeting:      Monday,   December 2,   2013

2014 Budget Comments
Below is my summary of last night’s Budget session at Holy Trinity High School.   I was one of the two members of the audience who spoke. 
Note City Treasurer said City add 5 to 6,000 new homes each year!!!!
At the City Budget Consultation Tuesday evening October 29 I raised three items
1.       I thanked Council for increasing the budget on park benches and trees and said we would submit our proposals through our Councillor.  
This is an issue I have been personally pushing for a few years.   They have acted so they earned a Thank You.

2.       Since I said that I was told at the October 17 Official Plan and Transportation Master Plan Open House that construction costs has increased markedly in the past two years and since we understand that funding for the Vanstone-Belleview area Flood Mitigation Project was set aside a couple of years ago  -- would there be an increase in the budget should that be necessary?    

The response was that the project has changed and will involve a different approach to the flood mitigation effort so that it should come in within the present budget allocation, perhaps well within that allocation.

3 a.  Then I raised the matter of crowding with #96 busses leaving Terry Fox Station full or almost full so that people are standing out of Eagleson Station on trips to downtown between 10:30 am and 2:00 pm yes during middle of the day.    

Mr. Manconi was quite surprised and assured me that OC Transpo staff would address the matter.   As well it was pointed out that there are two #96 routes #96a to Canadian Tire Centre and #96c serving Castlefrank Road to Hazeldean Road

3 b.  Continuing on Transit I raised the concern that we are not going to be getting LRT service to Kanata generally and our Kanata North Business Park in particular while the Province is telling  Toronto that transit service needs to serve employment areas.
Reply was that at the moment, financing is an issue  for LRT, still the March Road bus transitway is included in the new Transportation Master Plan and  as well #93 busses will be increased in frequency on a revised route including the North Business Park.   Also that some #60 Express buses will be routed along Terry Fox Road  to Terry Fox Station taking service to new subdivisions and being a new service to Terry Fox Station.    (This #60 change should ease parking pressure on Eagleson Park & Ride) Further the Kanata Chamber of Commerce has been asked to ask its members where their employees live so the City will have a better understanding of where transit service is appropriate.