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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Results of Survey on More Trees and Benches

Below are the lists where more trees were proposed and benches requested:

More Trees
  1.  Hewitt Park North Wood Area where trees have thinned out 
  2.  Haywood Park along pathways 
  3.  Hazeldean Woods in parts where trees have died 
  4.  Dunlop Park 
  5.  Young`s Pond Park where trees are thinning 
  6.  A few in tree thinned part of Irwin Gate Park 
  7.  A few in the few tree thinned areas of Dorey Park
Mores Benches
New benches should not be place to close to public garbage baskets. When they are too close the smell from the trash makes using the bench impossible.
  1. Haywood Park - benches outside of soccer fields 
  2. Cattail Creek Park -  behind KES, place a couple of benches near the top of the trails with a very nice view
  3. Beaufort Park - southern portion near street light
  4. Hazeldean Woods - along Kakulu, in lighted area generally in front of the Hazeldean Woods sign
  5. Larsen Park - Well lighted area at Kakulu end
  6. Pickford Park - in the well lighted area of south of the sidewalk 
  7. Castlefrank Road - Four or five benches along East side between MacNeil Court and Katimavik 
  8. Eagleson Road - A bench on the enlarged median at the Park & Ride crossing lights  
  9. Katimavik Road, north side, lighted area half way between Aird Place and Castlefrank Road
  10. Katimavik Road, north side, lighted area halfway between McGibbon Drive and Davis Avenue